Captain America spends Independence Day in Sioux Falls


The Sioux Falls Fun Page extended an invitation for our nation’s most patriotic superhero, Captain America, to spend the day in our beautiful city.  To our delight he accepted… it would be an understatement to say we had an adventure in the magnificent city of Sioux Falls!

We started with some site seeing at our city name sake, Falls Park!  Captain loved the outlook tower…

Captain America gazes on Falls Park Lookout Tower in Sioux Falls

… he couldn’t wait to climb to the top and check out the view!

Captain America in Sioux Falls on top of Falls Park Tower

We rode the Sioux Falls Downtown Trolley (thanks to all of the local contributors that helped keep it running!)

Captain America catches the Sioux Falls Downtown Trolley

Dinner time at the Outlook Café at Falls Park on the outskirts of Downtown Sioux Falls might have been my favorite part of the night!  I tried out the the Overlook Reuben while the Captain made the All-American choice, the Ultimate Dog!  In case you were wondering… he loved it!

Sioux Falls Outlook Cafe with Captain America

Meanwhile… Captain America got words that Red Skull had followed him to Sioux Falls and was concocting sinister plans to ruin out Independence Day festivities!

Red Skull nemesis to Captain America emerges from hiding in Sioux Falls

We made haste to HYDRA commanders Sioux Falls headquarters in Downtown, where Captain American confronted his nemesis!

Captain America faces off with Red Skull in Sioux Falls Downtown

The battle that ensued was epic to say the least!

Captain America and Red Skull battle in Sioux Falls

Realizing imminent defeat Red Skull retreated to the depths of darkness once again!

Red Skull retreats to the depth of his Sioux Falls lair

A triumphant Captain America spends some time exploring around Sioux Falls downtown!

a triumphant Captain America in Sioux Falls Downtown

Finally Captain America and I headed to the Amidon Memorial, the best place to watch fireworks in Sioux Falls!

Captain America at Sioux Falls Amidon Memorial

All in all a delightful day with a national hero!  Captain America had to leave right away to join his Avengers friends, something about a “Civil War”… superhero stuff I guess!  Until next time Captain!