Combined Marketing: Compound Your Marketing Exponentially!

Combined Marketing Sioux Falls Fun Page

Combined Marketing Approach and how Sioux Falls Fun Page can helpMarketing can be tough and confusing; at the Sioux Falls Fun Page we aim to minimize the confusion by offering Combined Marketing packages.

The marketing world is full of different advertising tools, that can be quite effective when used individually.  A person can choose to advertise in so many different ways it is actually quite ridiculous – there are the old school “word of mouth” and print advertising strategies, radio and tv commercials bring a strong punch to the table, and the new kids on the block online and social media advertising make up a large portion of the market share!  

Individually, each of these marketing approaches can reap conversions for your business, but what if there was one beautiful piece of advertising amazingness that combined them?  What sort of marketing reach would that have?!

Hold that thought… there is!

It is called the Fun Page and it’s here to save the day (for your business!).

Bottom line… every business has to advertise!  You just have to!

You can have the greatest, most effective, and economically sound product on the market, but if people don’t know about it… you aren’t making money!  So one way or another you have to advertise!

Business Marketing Not Enough Time but Sioux Falls Fun Page helpedBut what about the Doctors, Dentists, Plumbers, Physical Trainers, and so many other hard working business owners that are experts in their field but aren’t exactly sure how to tread through the waters of marketing?  How do they know whether to advertise on the radio or in print.  Should they put their marketing dollars into TV or perhaps even online mediums?  Or why not just try all of them and hope something works out!

Many business owners will admit they aren’t sure when it comes to marketing to new customers and bringing new clients in the door!  I think the general consensus would be, “You do what you think is best, and hope it works out… if not you try something else.  You have to keep going because your business is on the line!”

But there is a better solution than “doing what you think is best” or “trying something else.”  You don’t have to throw a handful of darts at the wall and hope that one of them sticks!  The Fun Page is here to help you make a plan and be precise in your marketing efforts!

How can the Sioux Falls Fun Page help my business?

combined marketing with the Sioux Falls Fun PageThe Fun Page works with you to develop a strategy that will bring you the conversions you are looking for, and employs tools across the marketing spectrum to bring implement that plan.

We are a one stop shop for marketing, our print advertising works hand in hand with our, online presence, which bolsters our social media platforms, which fuel our word of mouth campaigns, which are held up by our radio and TV presence!  We pull out all stops for our advertisers!

What does a Combined Marketing Play look like?

We lead off with print.  Print is trustworthy, print is attention grabbing, and print seems to linger around (look at that stack of papers on your kitchen table).  The Fun Page works with you to create an eye catching print advertisement and then we leverage that across our entire local area, attracting viewers and exposing them to your offer, your business.

Print Advertising Engagement with Sioux Falls Fun PageBut we don’t stop with ads, we take it one step further and invite our viewers to interact with your ad and your business through games.  A person will probably remember a well constructed print ad, there is something about a top notch color scheme, attention grabbing graphics, and sharp print copy that sticks with a person.  But we don’t want them to just “remember your ad,” we want them to visit your store and/or engage your business.

To connect your business to our readers on a deeper level we employ the use of sponsored games within our ads.  Not only do potential customers get to see your awesome ad but they get to interact with your business through a crossword, word find, maze, or other quick and easy game.  

Crosswords work great for introducing new items on your menu or new service offerings.  You can imagine someone figuring out the “5 Down” and saying wow I didn’t know they served Ribeye Steaks at that restaurant!  Or if one the answers is “24HourService” you’ve just informed a potential client that you are available after your competition has close up for the night!

The same goes for word finds, sudoku puzzles, word scrambles, and other interactive games.  Viewers get the opportunity to interact and build a relationship with your business before they ever walk through the door.  That’s the power of the Fun Page print edition!

That is just the start of or Combined Marketing!

Add the Online Engagement…

What if you wanted to check the answers to that puzzle you did while in the waiting room at the local mechanic?  Where would you look?  We make sure our viewers know to check out our website for Game Solutions, Local News, Interesting Blog Articles, and so much more!

Adding Online Advertising in Sioux Falls Fun PageEven though we have tapped into the awesome power of print advertising, we also understand that some people might need an additional push!  Our advertisers get that additional push from our website.  When viewers come to our website to find Game Solutions or to catch up on current events they get to interact with your business again!

First they interact with your eye catching advertisement as it cycles through our Online Ad-Rotator.  Each page of our site (including our Home Page) has local ads featured to further boost our local advertising businesses.  Have you ever seen and ad and thought, “Wow that is a great deal!”  But then life happens and you forget to swing by to take advantage of it?  When you come across that ad again, especially if it is from a different place you say something like, “Oh yeah, I meant to do that yesterday! I HAVE TO make sure I get by there TODAY!”

We even combine advertising angles from within the umbrella of “online marketing!”  In addition to the online advertising space our sponsors also get the opportunity to be featured on our blog.  Let the Fun Page interact with your business in a fun way and shout about that interaction to the whole world on our website.  Having a sale this month?  Let us write about it and tell folks what kind of deals they can look forward to seeing!  We get the opportunity to back up your advertisement with a longer more detailed and in-depth article to explain and show exactly what we mean!

Maybe you would rather go the video route.  Does one of your employees make burgers faster than any other gunslinger in the west, people love to see that!  And I can all but guarantee after watching that video they are going to stop in for a burger just to see it in real life!  Your business may not be the burger guy, but there is something that you do that people would love to see.  The Fun Page is always looking for cool opportunities to display your business to engage the community and bring more customers into your shop!

Combine Marketing all together… Socially

Although print advertising brings a higher level of focused interaction and online marketing allows for a more targeted engagement, you cannot even fathom the sheer volume of possibilities with Social Media advertising.  Everyone of our blog posts goes out to our social media platforms, a the community gets to interact with it in a completely unique way, which puts a huge exclamation point at the end of our combined marketing campaign!

Social Media marketing integrationPotential customers get to see how all of their friends (or at least fellow Sioux Falls residents) are responding, reacting, commenting on, and sharing your business!

The analogy I use is:  When you advertise with traditional mediums – print, online ads, even radio and tv – there is one voice shouting on the street corner about what your business has to offer.  With social media you have a platform that allows for 10’s, 100’s, even 1,000’s of voices to be shouting on 10’s, 100’s, even 1,000’s of different street corners, their approval of your business to anyone passing by!  Of course people that spend a lot of time on Social Media get tired of getting “shouted at” so you’ve got to make sure to make your pitch unique – and trust us we’ve got out of the box, creative, and unique covered!

So when you take the trust and authority derived from a print publication and add the flair and attraction of an online ad and top it off with social engagement and interaction, you’ve used your marketing powers together to form an effective vehicle to convert viewers to leads and leads to customers!Planeteers Working Together

Did you ever watch the cartoon “Captain Planet” as a kid?  Or what about “Power Rangers,” was that on your daily viewing schedule?  Unfortunately I must admit that I regularly viewed both of them!  And while they did little to advance my life in any possible way they did make one point very clear.

Every episode, I mean absolutely every single last episode showed the individual “Planeteers” or “Power Rangers” getting utterly destroyed by the bad guy…  BUT as soon as they combined their powers the bad guy was easily dispatched!  

When the “Planeteers” combined their powers “Captain Planet” sprung into action and saved the day!  And although the power rangers each had really cool, massive robotic vehicles they would get beat every time, until they joined forces and transformed into one huge monstrosity of metal and wire!

And my mom always said I wasn’t learning anything sitting in front of the TV!Combined Marketing oppurtunities with Sioux Falls Fun Page

If you are getting results from individual marketing campaigns… that is great, but I guarantee you are missing out on more local Sioux Falls customers everyday you run your business without a well thought out marketing strategy!

Come have a chat with the Sioux Falls Fun Page!  We’ll bundle up your marketing and get it all working TOGETHER to achieve your advertising goals!