Make A Killing At Your Next Rummage Sale



Buckle your seat belts because we are going to jump right in!  Today were looking at how you can make a killing at your next rummage sale.  We aren’t talking about slaving away in the hot sun, talking to noisy neighbors who are, “just looking,” bringing stuff in and out of the garage and walking away with $200 bucks at the end of the sale!  We’re talking about researched, fine-tuned, and proven strategies that are going to help you bring in the big dollars.  You thought I was joking… buckle that seat belt… here we go!

Be a Square – Accept Plastic!

Make A Killing At Your Next Rummage Sale - Mobile PaymentIt is 2016! No body carries cash!  And you don’t want to be the person that finds out the hard way next Monday that it was a bad idea to allow someone that “didn’t bring any cash,” to write you a check!  Put yourself above the rest of the garage sale-ers and make a killing at your next rummage sale by getting online, signing up for a PayPal or Square account (which comes with a card reader you can pop right into your smart phone or tablet), and accept some plastic!  And let everyone in the world know that you are accepting plastic (put it on your signs, shout it from the roof tops, etc…) people that wouldn’t stop (probably because they “don’t have any cash!”) will take a second to swing by, because they can actually shop with plastic!

Not only is plastic convenient, it is going to pull in more money for you!  McDonalds reports that when a person pays for their meal with cash, the average ticket price is about $4.50.  But when people decide to swipe that card that average jumps up to about $7!  That is a 35% price increase!  That person who was willing to part with a $20 bill might just be ready to part with about $31 if you can handle plastic!

“Just this one strategy alone took your $200 rummage sale and boosted it to a $310 sale!  Pile on the rest of these strategies and you will make a killing at your next rummage sale!”

The great thing about Paypal and Square is you don’t have to worry about reporting anything to the bank, or keeping detailed customer records, or anything like that.  They handle all the security and processing for you, and they’ll even email your customer a receipt if they want!

Clean It And Work It

Make A Killing At Your Next Rummage Sale - BatteriesIf you really want to make a killing at your next rummage sale you’ve got to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.  They see that awesome remote control car that your son hasn’t touched in two years and they think, “Wow, Bobby would love that!” – You’ve got them, right?  But the next thought that pops in their head is, “It looks kind of old and dirty, I wonder if it still works???”  Now, even if they do buy it, that car that you spent $80 on a few years ago is going to get you what? – $10, maybe!

Ok, Hit the rewind button.

That same person walks up, they see that awesome remote control car that your son hasn’t touched in two years and they think, “Wow, Bobby would love that!” – You’ve got them, right?  As they investigate closer, they see a clean and shiny toy with a post it note saying “Fully Charged Battery – Give Me A Try!  P.S. Bobby Will Love Me!” and now that working toy has gone from a $10 gamble a nice mom was willing to take, to a $30 sure fire way to be Bobby’s favorite parent!

If you really want to make a killing at your next rummage sale, buy some batteries for things that need them, run an extension cord out to prove things that plug in are still operational, add gas to that old mower, recruit your kids to do some spit shining, and run the clothes through the washer before you hang them up!  All of these things will answer any questions buyers have before the questions even pop up, and keep them from finding ways to start to nickel and dime your profits away!

What if you charge batteries or add gas and it still doesn’t work?!  You thought you had me there didn’t you!  Not so fast, tell people that too!  Leave a note, “Lawn Mower – Worked last summer, but wouldn’t start this morning – might need some work, or great for parts! – $30”  Again you are answering the questions before the customer thinks about them.  But you’re also telling the customer, I know it doesn’t work and I still put a $30 price tag on it, you aren’t going to get a deal by asking, “does it even run?”

How much extra money do you think this strategy will help you pull in?  You made an extra $20 (or 66%) on our remote control car scenario, which I don’t think that scenario is far-fetched at all, and got $30 out of that old mower that you would have been content to give away… how’s that for making a killing at your next garage sale!

Use the Right Bait

[tweetthis display_mode=”box”]You Don’t Go Fishing For Tuna With Worms[/tweetthis], You don’t go fishing for Tuna with worms, heck you don’t even go fishing for Tuna with minnows!  If you’re looking to reel in a Tuna you hook a nice whiting or herring right through the nose.  These are fish that most folks would be glad to pull in from the lake, which you are using as bait to reel in the big guys!  Know the fish your after and the right bait to use!

Make A Killing At Your Next Rummage Sale - BaitIf you’re trying to make big dollars at a rummage, you’ve got to have some big dollar items, and you’ve got to place them where all the big fish can see them.  Put that old flat screen out at the edge of the yard (make sure you can see it from your perch so your bait doesn’t get stolen by a scavenger!), set up that nice real wood table right where people have to walk right past it as they arrive, build a makeshift mannequin and show off those designer clothes or purses!  Draw the big fish in!

What if you don’t really have any “big ticket” items to sale?  You’ve got two choices, and you are going to laugh at the first one and just love the second one!  If you don’t have any big fish bait to set on the curb and pull people into your sale… go buy some!  What!  Go spend money on stuff just to sale it at a rummage sale?! Yeah, that is exactly what I said.  Go to Wal-Mart and buy the cheapest 50” flat screen you can find, and set it on the edge of your yard with a big sign, “Brand New, Never Been Opened!” then price it for more than what you paid.  If someone buys it, well that’s just easy money!  If no one buys it, mark it down at the end of the day to get rid of it, but imagine how many people stopped to see your “Brand New, Never Been Opened!” TV, that would have otherwise just drove on by!

Make A Killing At Your Next Rummage Sale - Free FoodOk, strategy #2 – if you don’t have any “big ticket” items to dangle out as bait, you’ve got to find another way to lure people in??? How about food?  Put a big ol’ sign in your yard announcing your free or cheap offering – “Free Coffee!” “$1 Pancakes!” “Mama’s Homemade Pies!”  Whether I’ve been “Rummage Sale-ing” all day, or I just happen to drive by and want some coffee I’m going to make sure I stop by your house!  And let’s be honest, especially in the Midwest, when you give someone some free coffee or lemonade, they are going to feel obligated to at least look around for a while, if not actually buy something just to say “thank you!”  – FYI – make sure you put out a trash can!  Another wrinkle, give away free pancakes and charge for a drink!

It simple mathematics, the more people that come by, the more potential there is for you to sale things, the more you sale the more money you make!  Use this tip to make a killing at your next rummage sale!

Make a killing at your next rummage sale!

Set The Mood!

The most awkward part of any garage sale is when it starts to get slow and a person comes up and sort of makes eye contact with you, and you say “Hi!” and they smile back and keep going.  Then they linger around for forever but don’t say anything.  And no one is there but you and them and you don’t want to hover and be weird, but there is nothing else going on to distract you, so you catch yourself staring too many times.  If you’ve never been there, you’ve probably never worked a garage sale, or your turn is coming!

Check out this link from – 8 Amazing Effects That Music Has On Sales

Make A Killing At Your Next Rummage Sale - Set The MoodDo you want people to move through quickly play some up tempo rock and roll!  Want them to slow down (AND SPEND MORE!) slow the music down and play some golden oldies!  Remember you’re not necessarily playing your favorite playlist, you are using this as one more tool to make a killing at your next rummage sale!

“Music is guaranteed to help you make a killing at your next rummage sale!”

Not only can you have an effect on how much people spend with your music, you can keep the customers you have, happier for a longer time.  Right away in the morning and right around lunch time, people start flooding in from all corners.  How many people see a long “checkout line” and decide that Precious Memories Salt and Pepper shaker is a “must have” and set it down and walk away.  Now if was some music playing, you might have kept them in line just long enough to pull in that extra $10!

Bring yourself out a little radio, CD player, or mp3 player with speakers, don’t turn it up so loud your neighbors get mad, but play some tunes and create a fun atmosphere.  Everyone wants to be a part of the party!  Maybe even offer $1 off the sale if your customers do a little gig at checkout!  Have fun and create a fun atmosphere.  When cars drive by and see lots of people having fun and possibly even dancing, they are going to stop by to see what is going on, what is so great about this garage sale?

Music is guaranteed to help you make a killing at your next rummage sale!

You Are Ready, Go Make A Killing At Your Next Rummage Sale!

Make A Killing At Your Next Rummage Sale - endYou have now learned all that I can teach you, and you are never again going to pull in $200 on a garage sale… I hope!  Be the only house on the block that is allowing people to pay with plastic, have clean and functional merchandise, use the right bait, and set the right mood and you are well on you way to raking in the big bucks!  Thanks for taking the time to read this far!  Let us know if you have any other fantastic suggestions on how you can make a killing at your next garage sale!  I’m sure other readers would love to hear your thoughts!