Make Friends In Sioux Falls – A How To Guide

Make Friends Sioux Falls How To

How To Make Friends In Sioux FallsSioux Falls is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation.  Forbes magazine calls us a “Boomtown” and we have been cited in many different national publications as an up and coming city on the national playing field.  New residents are pouring in everyday to work in our new medical research facilities, financial institutions, and even to improve our service sector.  With all of the new faces and a palpable economic mindset and drive to reach higher and push father, one might guess that social engagement gets put on the backburner and finding out how to make friends in Sioux Falls can be a struggle.  I’m here to tell you that even though Sioux Falls is breaking in to the “Big Leagues” we have not forgotten our roots and the neighbors and friends that helped us get to where we are!  For all of our “Big City” accolades and recognition, we are still a “Small Town” at heart and a great place to make life long friends and allies.  Here at the Sioux Falls Fun Page we guarantee you can still make friends in Sioux Falls without too much effort!  Here are a few steps to help you on your journey to making friends in Sioux Falls!

Sioux Falls Church Make Friends
Sioux Falls Historic St. Joseph’s Cathedral
  1. Go To Church – Despite resistance from minority groups in town Sioux Falls still fits in to the stereotypical “Mid-Western Christian Community” mold. Just about everyone belongs to a church, and there is a wide variety to choose from!  Whether you attend a Bible Study, Youth Event, or a Men/Women’s Group you should be able to find some common minded people to begin to build a connection with – even while you build a connection with the greatest friend of all!
  2. Catch a Game – Back in 2013 Sports Business Journal included Sioux Falls as one of the “Top Minor League Sports Markets” in the nation (see some of the other big time national accolades Sioux Falls has garnered). Since then the creation of the Denny Sanford Premier Center, Sanford Pentagon, Scheel’s Ice Complex, and Huether Family Match Point Tennis Facility, as well as renovations and changes made to existing facilities such as Bob Young Stadium, Howard Wood Field, Yankton Trails Park, Harmadon Baseball and Softball Complex, and so many more, we have taken steps to further cement our place in the national sports conversation.  You can catch football (indoor and outdoor), basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, golf, bowling, and many other sports at professional, amateur, NCAA Division 1 and smaller College, high school, and even youth sports level.  Get out to a game and root for your team, your bound to find another kindred spirit!  For sure sports is a magnificent way to make friends in Sioux Falls.
  3. Hi-dee-ho Neighbor – Sioux Falls is still a place where you can have an insightful conversation from across the fence with your neighbor (Kind Of Like This One!). With an astonishingly low crime rate for a city this size, you don’t have to be as concerned about “the weirdoes next door,” and might even find them to be cool and relatable people!  At least it doesn’t hurt to try!Sioux Falls Make Friends On The Job
  4. Now Hiring – With all of the economic hustle and bustle going on, it has never been easier to get a job in Sioux Falls. There is nothing more effective at bringing people together than a common appreciation for hard work… or a common disdain for the boss, or even just that last bossy customer!  It is easy to make friends… you’re stuck in the same place for 8 hours at a time with other individuals going through the same trials and tasks as you are.  Even if you don’t make a friend, at least you got paid to be there!  There may be no easier way to make friends in Sioux Falls than on the job!Make Friends In Sioux Falls Over A Cup Of Coffee
  5. Grab a Cup-O-Joe – The coffee house scene in Sioux Falls is ridiculously lively and diverse.  From local favorites like Coffea Roasterie, Kaladis, Black Sheep Coffeehouse and more to the corporate chains we have come to expect to see on every corner like Starbucks and Caribou – chances are you are less than 5 minutes from amazing coffee no matter where you currently find yourself standing in town.  There is something uber intimidating and amazingly freeing about ordering your favorite concoction, finding a table to sit at, and striking up a conversation with a complete stranger.  You’d be amazed at the friends you can make!