Midco Aquatic Center – 100 Days In

Sioux Falls New Aquatic Center
Midco Aquatic Center
Rendering of Midco Aquatic Center

You might have read our last post about the Midco Aquatic Center getting a new name and getting a new big time partner in Midcontinent Communications.  You might have been able to guess just how excited we were to hear about private industry coming in and adding more value to what already promises to be an incredible recreational oasis for our city, especially in the winter time.  And you might be beginning to think why is the Sioux Falls Fun Page is so excited about the Midco Aquatic Center?  Well for one, the idea of the kids having a blast in the pool while I enjoy lighting fast Midco internet at a comfy lounge table has me pretty pumped.  But actually there is a real reason for my writing about the Midco Aquatic Center again, they have reached a milestone.  We are fast approaching the 100th Day of Work on the Midco Aquatic Center, the indoor swimming and recreation center at Spellerberg Park (read more about Midco Aquatic Center here).  If you’ve driven past the site over the past three months you have seen crews at work and what promises to be an amazing family fun center taking shape!  According to reports after logging over 20,000 work hours there are no injuries to report, and the project is classified as “on schedule” for its Fall 2016 opening day.  You can always visit – this link – for a live webcam view of crews at work, as the project continues to come together.  Its up to you whether you want to use the webcam to track progress, see any updates, or know exactly what time your husband or wife leaves the job site at night!  The website also contains continuing news updates, pictures, and reports.  I can’t wait until next fall, to enjoy some nice aquatic activity with the kids without baking sun, hungry mosquitos, or weather threats!  What an awesome project for our city!