What’s Your Name – Midco Aquatic Center

Sioux Falls Aquatic Center Midcontenint

Midco Aquatic Center Sioux Falls FunWhat would you do if you had $2.2 million to spend.  Oh my goodness… Wow!  Well I suppose some people aren’t quite as lavishly minded as you!  For instance the people at Midcontinent Communications have entered into an agreement with the City of Sioux Falls valued at $2.2 million to have naming rights to the new indoor aquatics center at Spellerberg Park – to be called the “Midco Aquatic Center.”  Midco® didn’t fork over that kind of money simply as a marketing or branding decision like most of these naming rights things go, rather they have already committed to providing free, strong wi-fi to all center guests.  That is no small commitment from a company PCMag.com named as the fastest internet in the nation – yes the entire USA!  As well Midco® has agreed to providing all of the phone and cable services in the building.  It is a strong testament to what private/public partnerships can achieve, and how the people of this great city and region reap the benefits! Midco Aquatic Center here we come!

Visit the webpage for the Midco Aquatic Center on the City of Sioux Falls Website, keep up to date on the building schedule, announcements, images, and renderings.  The website also hosts a live webcam feed of the construction, you can literally be there for every moment of the construction.  The Midco Aquatic Center is going to be a game changer for this city and this region, keep up to date on everything.