Sioux Falls Photography – Top 6 Locations

Top 6 Photography Locations
Sioux Falls Photography Legacy Park
“Fireflies” © Maggie Sweets Photography

Today we are partnered up with Sioux Falls Fine Art Photographer Maggie Sweets of Maggie Sweets Photography, giving us a rundown of the Top 6 Sioux Falls Photography Destinations in our great city.  Whether you’re looking to take a selfie, snap some shots of the kids, or to take a beautiful family portrait to put above the fireplace, Sioux Falls has the perfect location to stage your photo!  You want something special, a place full of colors that could serve as a nice backdrop, and certainly somewhere were you won’t see distracting objects like cars or people in the background. Well look no more! Tag along as Maggie Sweets Photography takes you on a tour of the 6 best Sioux Falls Photography Locations complete with her very own images (to show you just how magical these places can look in your next family photo!). Enjoy the list and check out more of Maggie’s work at: 

Sioux Falls Photography Veteran's Park
“The Kiss” © Maggie Sweets Photography

Veteran’s Park
Photography may not be the first think you think of when you think of this place but boy oh boy do those trees make a nice backdrop for an image (especially in the fall!). There are many places where your family can pose along with an awesome wooded area in back filled with intriguing spots because of its trees and shadows. There is also water at this location that has a lot of potential as a backdrop.

Sioux Falls Photography
“Dancing in the Rain” © Maggie Sweets Photography

McKennan Park
If you’re looking for a sophisticated and upscale look to your images, McKennan Park is the way to go. This park has wonderful leading lines, beautiful leaves on the ground and lots of greenery. There are many places, including a small garden in the middle of the park, with seating that you and your family can pose as well as a beautiful wide street that looks marvelous in an image (even in the rain!).

Sioux Falls Photography Legacy Park
“Magic in the Light” © Maggie Sweets Photography

Legacy Park
Although Legacy Park tends to be filled with bikers and folks taking a nice walk, be forewarned- this is also a dangerously awesome spot to take pictures. And you can stage shots in any season!  During warm months there is prairie grass, greenery, bridges, woods and even a small river, and they all look wonderful as backdrops.  When the snow falls the sloping prairie transforms into a seemingly endless winter wonderland.  The water transforms into a beautiful frozen oasis (just be extra cautious and extra careful; you don’t want to remember your photo shoot for the involuntary, impromptu, and dangerous “polar plunge” someone decided to take!)  Just know that you will enjoy yourself at this location, and you’ll absolutely love your images.

Sioux Falls Photography
“Resting In Fairlyland” © Maggie Sweets Photography

Japanese Gardens
This location may not come as a surprise to many, as it tends to have at least one photographer there at all times. However, it’s for a very good reason. Simply put, this location has LOTS of beautiful little nooks, plants and rocks that look absolutely divine in either the background of an image or foreground if you are interested in taking some nice landscapes. With a little bit of creative thought and editing, see how I transformed this place into a magical fairyland in my image below Resting in Fairyland.

Sioux Falls Photography
“Angel In The Woods” © Maggie Sweets Photography

Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum
This is a newer location that may not be as popular as some.  However, its novelty does not take anything away from its potential in photography. This arboretum is a beautiful garden sanctuary that is filled with breath taking views of hills, weeping willows, woods and trails which all look spectacular through a lens.  Even more amazing is that this piece of natural beauty in eastern Sioux Falls isn’t even half way completed yet!  There are plans to turn this in to an even more expansive environmental sanctuary, for people to enjoy and appreciate… and snap a few pictures!

Sioux Falls Photography Sertoma Park
“Light the Way” © Maggie Sweets Photography

Sertoma Park
Sertoma Park has tons of photographic areas to choose from! Its not just due to its large size as a park but also because of the many features that it includes. It is filled with trails that offer interesting leading lines in your images as well as water, prairie grass, bridges and much much more! This is also a well-known place in Sioux Falls for photographers, again- for good reason!

These are all well known, tried and true places in Sioux Falls to take amazing pictures of yourself or your loved ones. However, the city of Sioux Falls is filled with lots of other beautiful locations that sometimes take some searching to find. With a bit of time spent looking outside your window while you drive and creative thought, you too can find your very own spot to create beautiful images. Feel free to share your favorite locations in the comment box below.

Sioux Falls Photography
“Let it Snow” © Maggie Sweets Photography

Maggie Sweets is a Fine Art Photographer who works locally in the Sioux Falls area.  She does a wide variety of photographs ranging from newborn images, to senior pictures, to family portraits, and more.  Contact her today to book your session or to just say hi!

Maggie Sweets
Maggie Sweets Photography