Sioux Falls Pizza Patrol – Happy Anniversary!

Pizza Patrol Anniversary

Sioux Falls Pizza PatrolIf you’ve never heard of Sioux Falls Pizza Patrol or if you’ve heard of them or seen them and never stopped in, you need to get over to 10th and Cliff and see what you are missing out on! First off they are local and when all other things are equal I love to shop local and help out!  Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the Pizza Is Amazing!  

On June 4th, 2012 Pizza Patrol opened in Sioux Falls at their 10th and Cliff St. location.  At that same time I was a brand new teacher at Whittier Middle School, coaching football and trying to get home in time to feed the kids and make it to church or sports or whatever other evening activity seems to constantly cycling through my calendar.  With there always ready Grab-N-Go Pizza’s we ate a lot of Pizza Patrol!  I used to buy “The Steal,” you get a medium pizza and a fountain drink for $5.50 (tax included).  That would feed me the wife and the little ones just fine.  As my kiddos got bigger (and regrettably as I got bigger too!) “The Steal” wouldn’t cover it and we moved to “Combo 1,” a medium pizza, garlic stix, and dipping sauce for $7:50.  Now with an another kiddo and little boys that get hungrier and hungrier every day we go for “Combo 2,” a 2 medium pizzas, Garlic Stix and sauce, and a 2-liter for $15.00 or we stick with “Combo 1” and add an extra pizza (luckily it was just my family that grew, I’ve actually been able to downsize a little – for those of you that were wondering!).

My family has grown over the past three years, and Pizza Patrol has been a friendly corner stop on the way home pretty frequently.  The pizza is always hot and ready to Grab-N-Go, the workers are always friendly and helpful, and all of the food is always delicious!  Take this opportunity to swing by and get a great pizza for a great deal!