Sioux Falls Shopping – Empire Mall Survival Guide

Sioux Falls Shopping Empire Mall

Empire Mall Sioux Falls ShoppingSioux Falls shopping can really be a fun day for a lot of people especially at the Empire Mall, but for some of us it can be tough.  “Honey, let’s go to the mall?” – 6 seemingly innocent words… strike fear into hearts of many… inner cries of “Noooooo!” resound. Of course, if you actually say “No,” you get the, “You never want to spend time with me!” treatment. Say “Yes,” and you’re in for a long… long day! Or at least that is how things used to be…

Fear no more, the Sioux Falls Fun Page is here to help! Whether you can’t stand going to the mall or you love it but your husband, son, boyfriend, or any other relation hates going, we’re going to point out some of the top stops, to keep the day fun for EVERYBODY!  The Empire Mall is chalk full of goodies to keep everyone entertained and to make Sioux Falls shopping something to look forward to!

The people at Simon’s have invested a ton of money into revamping the Empire Mall into a complete shopping experience, with stuff to keep the whole family entertained! From a kids play park for the kids, to a wide variety of shops and stores for the shoppers out there, and even a plethora of lounges for those that need to take a load off every once in a while. But not everyone knows where to look. We’ve prepared a guide of where to look for all of the excitement the Empire Mall has to offer.

You’re “Ol’ Lady” wants to check out the bed spread sale at Sears – have no fear we’ll show you how to stay sane (Tim Allen knows what we’re talking about). Are the kiddos getting a little rambunctious, swing by the play area to let them blow off some steam? Are you starting to get loaded down with shopping bags, and need to get off of your feet for a while, find an awesome lounge with a big screen to occupy your time. It’s all a part of the new Sioux Falls shopping experience at the new Empire Mall, and we point out all of the best stops in the “Sioux Falls Fun Page – Empire Mall Survival Guide.”

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