Sioux Falls Siesta!

Sioux Falls Siesta

What sort of fun could you have in Sioux Falls if you had a 1-2 hour break in the middle of your day, everyday to relax and unwind? A Sioux Falls Siesta…

Mariano Rajoy the Prime Minister of Spain has proposed that country move into the 21st century and axe the afternoon siesta from their daily routine.  Spain has had a historically lax daily work schedule, with most business starting their day at around 10am.  Most workers take their lunch break at around 1-2pm and follow their meal with a short nap before returning to work until about 8pm.  This tradition draws its roots from a time when Spain was a rural economy and mid-day temperatures made it unsafe to be working in the fields, but even though agriculture is no longer a major player in the Spanish economy the practice of the afternoon Siesta has continued!

Siesta Sioux Falls SDI think if Spain gets rid of their afternoon Siesta it is only right  that somebody picks it up – and why not Sioux Falls!  Here a few things I would do with a Sioux Falls Siesta in my day everyday!

  1. Nap – First and foremost and perhaps very obvious… I would nap.  While breaking up your day like this as to be a bugger as far as productivity and continuity goes, I can only imagine how much more energized you would return to work!  Usually I start to hit a wall at around 3-4pm, that would be the case though if I could catch a quick snooze!  And if home is too far away to catch a couple of quick ZZZ’s you might get lucky and find a local furniture store that will let you “test drive,” one of their couches.  Ask one of the workers at Home Furniture Plus if they’ll let you kick up your feet, and they just might say yes!  Just don’t drool on the merchandise!
  2. Have Some Coffee – A lot of the argument against having a siesta in the day is that workers are groggy and unmotivated when they return to work.  Why not get a little caffeine in your system while you kick up your feet at a local shop like Coffea or Black Sheep Coffee house?  I suppose the only problem would be, what if the coffee shop people are taking their siesta while you are trying to take your siesta… who is going to pour the coffee?!
  3. Go For A Stroll – the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation department does a magnificent job of keeping our parks beautiful and clean as well as maintaining the bike trails to the utmost standards of quality.  And the powers that be down at city hall have done a great job of planning and laying out our city, I’m sure there is a park or bike trail very close to your place of work.  Make sure you swing by Last Stop CD Shop first to grab an mp3 player or ipod or maybe even a book or eReader to help keep your mind sharp and ready to return to work!
  4. Just Work Through It – the allure of taking a nap in the middle of the day is very appealing but if it means I have to stay until 7-8pm, I’ll probably just work through it.  But just the simple fact of knowing that if I did need to take a nap I could, especially on one of those really tough days (I think they call those Mondays!), would be a nice ace to have in the hole!

What would you do a Sioux Falls Siesta Work Schedule?  Comment below!