Sioux Falls Spring Fun Guide


Spring Fun Guide Sioux Falls

Welcome to the Sioux Falls Spring Fun Guide!  Some of us can remember, when we were kiddos we used to anticipate the beginning of spring and the end of the school year perhaps more than our own birthdays! But somehow as we “grew up” the end of school meant the beginning of finding extra daycare, having extra lawn work, or worse yet stepping over the bodies of teenagers who stayed up too late playing the newest video game on your way out the door in the morning. The Sioux Falls Fun Page is here to the rescue with these Top Ten Spring Activities that are fun for all ages, and bring back that joy and anticipation for the next adventure that you used to cling to so dearly. Become a kid again this spring, and your kids will love you for it!

Top Ten Places For Sioux Falls Spring Fun

(Read the “Top Ten Places For Sioux Falls Winter Fun”)

Pink Sioux Quartzite Rock
Falls Park – Top 25 Park In The Nation

10. Go to the Park – I know what you’re thinking – really, you just promised me a playbook to win my kids affection between now and the summer solstice, and you lead off with “go to the park! Is that the best advice you can give me… go to the Park??? But hear me out; no better yet hear the experts out… In 2013 researches at named Falls Park as one of the Top 25 parks in the entire nation, and if you’ve ever spent a cool day at Falls Park you know the city’s namesake is well deserving of this honor. There is an intriguing natural hypnosis seeing the falls with the jagged rocks, rugged “cliffs,” and mighty water barreling in-between, but there is also the more “park-y” stuff like play areas for the kids, open grass for picnics and Frisbee, a café’ for those of us not really great at packing picnic baskets, clean bathrooms (score!), and so much more. Climb up the observation deck during the day to get a breath taking panorama of Sioux Falls, or sit and enjoy the “History of Sioux Falls” by way of a light show at night. So yes, that is my advice to you, go to the park – and go often and regular, your kids will love you!

9. Don’t Forget to Turn Left – May means racing season is off with a bang (or the waving of a flag, your call)! Head over to Husset’s speedway, and take in some great action! The dirt track is home to numerous sprint car and modified car events all spring and summer long, with a handful of special events mixed in the middle! Come see the most exhilarating 1/3 mile of your life!

Sioux Falls Spring Fun Golf
Sioux Falls Top Golf Spots

8. Go Hit Some Balls – I’ll be upfront with you, I’m not a golfer, but one of the most exciting things I did as a teenager was getting a group of friends together and spending time on the driving range, or the back nine. We’ve got three above par (pun intended) courses inside of Sioux Falls city limits and we’re just a short drive from many more very nice courses. It’s been a long winter, go stretch your legs (or rent a golf cart – we don’t judge!) and get some fresh air on the course.

7. Take a Walk, or Ride – Part of what makes the Sioux Falls Park system so terrific, is the fact that a majority of our parks are connected by the Sioux Falls Bike Trail system (read a more in depth review here). Enjoy a stroll, jog, or bike ride down the trails and along the river, and see all of the beautiful parks that are strung together; like a collection of exercise oasis rest areas!

6. Fish, Explore, Hike, and More, All Inside City Limits – It seems like the Outdoor Campus makes it on our list of best places to have fun for every season (See “Sioux Falls Best Places For Winter Fun)! And that is an honor most rightfully bestowed on the fine folks at the Outdoor Campus. They have a lineup of actives and events that changes with the seasons. Take the kids over during the spring and see the freshly stocked fishing pond, hike the trails and see all of the plant life re-animating after a cold winter, dig through some owl pellets, learn to track animal prints in the mud, my kids always have to stop by the big “Jonah Fish” in the play area, and so many other amazing activities available completely free. I probably love the Outdoor Campus more than my kids and that is quite a tall order!

Sioux Falls Spring Family Fun
Sioux Falls Family Fun Parks

5. Get Races, Golfing, Batting, Tilt-a-Whirling, and More – Even if you didn’t know that Thunder Road is the closest thing Sioux Falls has to an amusement park, just hearing that name implies a pretty awesome time, here let’s say together slowly…. Thunder Road! Whether you’ve got a need for speed or are looking to step up your putting game there is something fun for everyone at Thunder Road. If it has been a little bit since you’ve been out, make sure to swing by, because they are constantly adding new events and excitement.

Sculpture Walk Sioux Falls Spring Fun4. Get in Touch With Your Inner Artist – It is May, which means a fresh batch of sculptures are going in downtown for the 2015 Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk. It amazes me the level of talent and craftsmanship that these sculptors reach. And the event seems to keep getting bigger and bigger, pretty soon we’re going to be walking in the street to make room for the statues (just kidding…. but seriously!). Phillips Ave. is going to have to go on a diet like Main St. Your family will enjoy a walk around downtown Sioux Falls and getting the chance to see, take pictures with, and admire tons of sculptures all for free. Let the kids get creative with the pictures too, just don’t hang on the artwork!

3. Catch a Ballgame – Near the Corner of West Ave. and Russell St. you can’t miss “The Birdcage.” Officially known as Sioux Falls Stadium (and coming up on its 75th birthday!), “The Birdcage” is home to the Sioux Falls Canaries. Though not associated with Major League Baseball, there is an atmosphere very closely attuned to a minor league ballpark. The 4,500 seat arena allows for an intimate feeling. You can’t go wrong on a spring night, when you pack the family up and “take ‘em out to the ballgame.” Even moody teenagers love peanuts and cracker jacks!

2. Go Ride a Camel – The humidity in the summer makes “zoo day” a very long, long day. But if you plan ahead and make the trip in the spring, when there is still a bit of nip in the air, it’s a whole different experience at the Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Musuem! The animals even seem to be more spry than they are during the ole “dog days” of summer. In my opinion there is no better time than right now to see all the amazing and exotic animals on display right here in Sioux Falls.

Sioux Falls Events Spring Fun

1. Check the Events Calendar! – Sioux Falls City organizers and local business really do take care of us! As the weather warms they give us all kinds of opportunities to get out and enjoy our awesome city planning events like RibFest, Hot Harley Nights, Sioux Falls Downtown Trolley Rides, the Festival of Cultures, and so much more! Not to mention recurring events like Hot Air Bloon Rides, Farmer’s Markets, Big Sioux River Kayaking, The Sioux Falls “Spray Park,” and area pools and recreation centers just to name a few. We live in a great city; don’t let your kiddos miss out on the fun! Disconnect all the wires for a while and soak in some Vitamin D – and they’ll love you for it!

What else do you do for fun with your family in the spring? Comment Below!