Sioux Falls Summer Fun – Top Ten Amazing Places

Fun This Summer In Sioux Falls

Top Places For Summer Fun Sioux FallsSUMMER IS HERE! And along with it comes Sioux Falls Summer Fun! You really don’t even have to look for it, whether you’d prefer partaking in fun provided by a local business, enjoying yourself with some unstructured leisure time in one of our amazing parks, or taking part in an activity/fair/fest or other form of fun provided by our city leadership, it is all here for summer fun in Sioux Falls.

Although our city truly is bursting at the seams with breezy excitement this season, we’ve taken the time to whittle down a list of the Top 10 places for Sioux Falls Summer Fun. Make sure you swing by and have a blast with your family before the weather turns and its back to the indoors for all of us!

Top 10 Sioux Falls Summer Fun Spots:


Japanese Gardens - Sioux Falls Summer Fun10. Sioux Falls Parks – All of our parks are amazing, but in the summertime I absolutely love spending time at a select few. Fishing at Covell Lake while the kids play, Picnicking in the serene quietness of the Japanese Gardens, hitting up all 4 play structures at Sertoma Park and of course taking in the breath taking awesomeness of Falls Park. There is no shortage of fun in the summertime, thanks in large part to our cities parks system; it truly is second to none!

9. Walking Tours – Okay, I know those two words don’t get the blood pumping like some of the other things on this list, but hear me out. On a cool evening, you get to go out with the family, learn about our amazing city, and get some exercise all at once! There are some pretty amazing things that have gone down in our city (read about a few here – Top 10 Important Visitors to Sioux Falls); you will be surprised how much fun you actually have. Take my word for it and give it a try (scream at me in the comments below if you try it and hate it!).

8. Go Fishing – Families fish for free every Saturday between June 6th and August 8th from 9am-12pm at Family Park (out on Tea-Ellis Rd. West of town). You don’t even have to bring your own equipment! What better excuse to go “drown some worms” and “kill some time!” (Why do fishing saying sound so violent?) The Outdoor Campus also offers free, toddler, child, teenage, adult, and family classes and clinics centered around fishing.

7. Horse and Carriage Rides – Every Friday night in June, July, and August from 6-8pm Downtown Sioux Falls has Horse drawn Carriage rides. Whether you are looking for a “his and hers” romantic evening or a night to remember for the whole family, take a ride through downtown, like its 1915 again!

6. Sioux Falls Park and Rec – The plethora of activities the Sioux Falls Parks department has organized this summer (and many of them are free!) is astounding. Follow this link to the Summer Activities Guide and this one to the Summer Activities Fair publications and just be amazed at the things your family can do to enjoy each other’s company and have a blast all summer long.

Trolley Rides - Sioux Falls Summer Fun Downtown5. Sioux Falls Downtown (Trolley Rides and Sculptures Galore) – Enjoy our beautiful historic downtown, take a load off, and immerse yourself in a piece of Sioux Falls history all at the same time! Taking a step into the trolley is like taking a step into a time warp with the authentic feel of an old trolley car, but with the comfort of modern amenities (Air Conditioning!). With over 20 stops in the downtown area you can spend an entire afternoon shopping, playing, and viewing each and every one of the amazing sculptures placed by the Sioux Falls Sculpture walk. $1 gets you an all-day pass to hop right back on the trolley and roll on to the next stop!

4. The Outdoor Campus – This place made our list Sioux Falls Fun – Best Winter Activities and the Sioux Falls Spring Fun Guide, and here they are again for the summer time! The Outdoor Campus changes with the seasons and they are masters at finding ways to help you and your family, enjoy the outdoors, no matter what is falling from the sky or covering the ground. This summer swing by for activities like Family Fishing, Archery Lessons, Camps/Classes, Kayaking, Hiking, and so much more! Your kids will be nice and ready for bedtime after a day at the Outdoor Campus! See all their activities here: Sioux Falls Outdoor Campus Summer Guide 2015.

3. Theme Parks – Wild Water West, Thunder Road, and Catfish Bay have summer fun figured out! Whether you want to swim, race goKarts, hit some baseballs, enjoy rides and games, or watch an incredible show, these are the places to go for good ol’ fashion structured and organized fun. They’ve got all the equipment you need for a good time; you just bring the family and take home a smile!

Hot Air Balooning - Sioux Falls Summer Fun2. Prairie Sky, Inc. Hot Air Balloon Rides – We live in one of the most breath taking cities in the country, I can only imagine the views of our beautiful and majestic city from hundreds of feet up in the air. Oh, wait… I don’t have to imagine it; I can contact the fine folks at Prairie Sky, Inc. and they’ll take me up there in a hot air balloon. Feel the rush and enjoy the sights all in one… “It’s your basic two birds, one stone scenario!”

1. Great Plains Zoo – If you like going to the zoo, you will LOVE going to the zoo in the summer time. The Great Plains Zoo really hits its stride in the warm months of summer, when all of the animals can be outside showing off for their adoring fans. Travel around the world in a single afternoon, ride a camel, a train, or a gorilla (on the carousel of course), feed some animals, snap some pictures, and most importantly watch your kiddos smile get bigger and bigger as the day goes on!

What else do you do for fun with your family for some Sioux Falls summer fun? Comment Below!