Sioux Falls Thanksgiving

Sioux Falls Thanksgiving

Sioux Falls ThanksgivingOK close your eyes… think about Sioux Falls Thanksgiving.  I imagine you are seeing Oven Roasted Turkey, your smelling Potatoes and Gravy, and probably even can taste some warm Pumpkin Pie… and of course your stomach is starting to growl and rumble as your excitement and anticipation begin to grow.  But the reality is, there are people in our community that share in the stomach growling, but not in the anticipation, and certainly not in the excitement.  The unfortunate truth is that some of our neighbors, co-workers, and friends aren’t able to celebrate this amazing holiday and partake in the amazing feast that some of us look forward to all year.  Well, I am proud to say that on November 23, Scott Eastburn, The Sheraton Sioux Falls, the Banquet Ministry, and an army of local volunteers pulled together and provided that feast to over 300 members of our community, that otherwise would not have been able to partake.  In a press release issued by the Sheraton Sioux Falls and Convention Center Eastburn said, “You have heard the “facts” a thousand times. Numbers and statistics of hungry people, families going hungry, children going to school on empty stomachs in South Dakota. Unfortunately, those are not just numbers they are people.”  It is exactly this sort of thing, on such a large scale that makes me proud to live in Sioux Falls.  Sioux Falls is large enough that there are businesses like the Sheraton and big time players like Scott Eastburn that can really make a difference in the community, but it is still small enough that those businesses and big time players are close enough to the community to feel the need.  Sioux Falls as a community literally has an army of volunteers just waiting to here about an event like this, so they can roll up their sleeves and help out.  And all though I know they didn’t get quite as much notoriety… I know Sioux Falls has businesses that can’t be out front doing things like this but love to donate food, drinks, supplies, and other things (without recognition) just to see their neighbors with a smile on their face.  I was so proud of Sioux Falls when I read about this amazing event, and so grateful to the Sheraton Sioux Falls, Scott Eastburn, all the sponsors, and definitely all of the volunteers for making it happen!  Hats off to each of you!  It is a Sioux Falls Thanksgiving Miracle!