Sioux Falls Top 10 National Accolades

Sioux Falls Top 10 Accolades
Sioux Falls – The Falls At Night

Sioux Falls Top 10 National Accolades is a surprisingly difficult list to put together.  Those of that call Sioux Falls home know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is a fantastic community.  It’s a great place for everyone – from singles to families, at home workers to corporate titans Sioux Falls has something to offer to everyone!

Over the years I’ve heard radio reports, or caught headlines talking about “Sioux Falls being ranked number one in….” or “Sioux Falls is one of the top 10 places in the US for…” so I set out today to find all of the accolades Sioux Falls has received.  What I found was that Sioux Falls has received accolades for being a top city for everything from “raising a family” to “having fantastic drinking water.”  You can Google “Sioux Falls Top 10…” and see pages and pages of local, regional, national, and international lists that Sioux Falls is perched at the top of!  He is a ranking of the recognition I think have had the biggest impact on our community.

Sioux Falls Top 10 Accolades - Safe Driving
Sioux Falls – Nation’s Safest Drivers

10. Allstate Insurance – Best Drivers in America – No. 1 (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012) No. 3 (2013) ~ Drivers in Sioux Falls will get into a car accident once every 13.8 years according to Allstate’s report. That is over 28% less than the national average.

9. Sports Business Journal – Top Minor League Markets – No. 10 (2013) – Sure Sioux Falls doesn’t have a major league professional sports team, but sports are a part of the fabric in our amazing city. There will be 1,000’s of people that show up to watch High School Football Bowl Games, we have basically become the Mecca of NCAA Division II basketball, and our minor league teams have a legacy of greatness all their own. The Canaries, Storm, SkyForce, and Storm along with other smaller Semi-Pro and Amateur teams all regularly see thousands of fans on a weekly basis.

8. TripAdvisor – Traveler’s Choice Top 25 Parks in the US (2013) ~ If you’ve ever spent a cool summer’s day at Falls Park you know the cities namesake is well deserving of this honor. From breathe taking Christmas decorations in the winter, to the light and history show on summer evenings, to the multitude of attractions open throughout the day, Falls Park is an amazing (and free) destination everyone should take some time to swing by.

Sioux Falls Top 10 Accolades - Disabilities
Sioux Falls – Best City for People With Disabilities

7. Wallet Hub – Best & Worst Cities for People with Disabilities – No. 15 (2014) – 15th place is the lowest ranking on this list of Sioux Falls Top 10 National Accolades, but I think it is important to highlight that Sioux Falls is not about “Success and Achievement at any cost!”  We are still a community and we are invested and dedicated to bringing “the entire community” up with us!

6. Google – eCity Awards Digital CapitalGoogle’s eCity Awards recognize the strongest online business community in each state. According to the online search giant Sioux Falls is using the web to find new customers, connect with existing customers and fuel their local economies. Sioux Falls businesses are not just online, but they are using the internet to engage with the “real” community and make this spectacular city even more amazing!

5. CNN Money – Best Place to Buy a Home – No. 10 (2012) ~ After a decade of a nationwide housing crisis that sent a crippling shockwave through the American and even World economy, who is one of the communities leading the charge back into the fray… Sioux Falls – enough said!

Sioux Falls Top 10 Accolades - Strong Economy
Sioux Falls Top 10 Strongest Economy

4. POLICOM – Top 10 Strongest Economies – No.8 (2015), No. 9 (2012, 2013), No. 10 (2011) ~ POLICOM, a company based out of Florida, is the national authority on economic research and analysis. They have ranked Sioux Falls in the Top 10 in economic strength annually for the past three years. Notice this IS NOT top 10 strongest SMALL economies this is Sioux Falls up against the likes of New York, Dallas, Seattle, San Antonio and other huge metropolitan areas, and if I may say the little guy sure is holding his own!

3. Kiplinger – Best Cities For Early Retirement – No. 5 (2013) ~ Citing a “Cost of Living” average 18% below, Yes you read that correctly 18% below – the national average, among other things, Kiplinger was all but forced to name Sioux Falls as one of the few northern cities as a fantastic place for early retirement. If you made $82,000 in Sioux Falls, you could do the same exact things as if you made $100,000 in the rest of the country. I wouldn’t mind making either of those salaries, but more to the point Sioux Falls is 1/5 less expensive the national average! Wow!

2. – All-Around Healthiest City – No. 1 (2013) – 25 Happiest, Healthiest Cities In America – No. 9 (2013) ~ Low Crime and Unemployment, Easy Commutes, and Great Access to Healthcare are just a few characteristics noted in this article as proof of Sioux Falls position in the nation. More than any other American city, people in Sioux Falls feel “good or better” about their current state of health. Whether it’s true or not Sioux Falls is defiantly a cup half full kind of place!

Sioux Falls Top 10 Accolades - Careers
Sioux Falls – Forbes Best Place For Business and Careers

1. Forbes Magazine – Best Small Cities for Business and Careers – No.1 (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013) No. 2 (2011) ~ We don’t just make it on this list, Sioux Falls OWNS this list!!! What high praise coming from such a reputable source as Forbes Magazine. Over the past 11 years Sioux Falls has been the place to be for doing business and/or starting a career, and there is no reason to suggest that, that will be changing any time soon!