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Sioux Falls Top Winter Fun Stops

Sioux Falls Winter FunSioux Falls Winter Fun… kind of sounds like the start to a good joke.  Let me assure you, this is no laughing matter… Well it is, because we are going to tell you how to have all kinds of fun this winter, but you won’t be laughing because of a joke.  I think you get it.  Fun, excitement, adventure, and a plethora of other awesome things can be found around just about every corner in Sioux Falls.  Don’t let the winter blues get you down – Check out our list and have a blast… even when there is snow on the ground!

Sioux Falls Winter Fun

Hunter's Pointe - Sioux Falls Winter Fun
© Hunter’s Pointe Shooting Club

8. Hunter’s Pointe – We live in South Dakota, one of the bird hunting capitals of the world. If you aren’t a hunter, chances are you at least know someone who dedicates much of their spare time in these winter months to waking up early and trying to bag a few birds before work (or even school!).  Bird hunting is a way of life in our state.  Hunter’s Pointe realizes this and offers a fantastic venue for shooters to hone in their skills and try their luck at taking down as many pigeons as you can manage… that’s “clay” pigeons of course.  It is truly a World-Class set up between Sioux Falls and Humboldt for any shotgun enthusiast.  And they don’t stop there, they also offer leagues, classes, and showcase events all year round.  There is a lot of fun to be had with the family, hanging out with the fellas or ladies or just by yourself out at Hunter’s Pointe Shooting Club!

Orpheum Theatre Sioux Falls
© Orpheum Theatre Center

7. Orpheum Theatre – The kids don’t have to be running around and screaming at the top of their lungs for a place to be considered fun.  As a matter of fact, there doesn’t even have to be awesome interactive displays for you to walk past and interface with.  At the Orpheum, you can sit down, kick back, and just enjoy the show.  For over 100 years, the Orpheum has been a part of the Downtown atmosphere and it is still dishing out tons of fun week in and week out.  With quirky performances from local community theatre to nationally recognized and acclaimed plays, presentations and shows, there is fun to be found for everyone right in the heart of downtown at the Sioux Falls Orpheum.

6. Washington Pavilion – What an amazing stop for the entire family!  When I think “pavilion”, I think of awesome shows and amazing performances in the Husby Performing Arts Center but there is so much more…

Sioux Falls Washington Pavilion
© Washington Pavilion

Across multiple floors of the pavilion the Kirby Science and Discovery Center houses more than 100 interactive displays and hands-on exhibits.  The different visits I have made over the years have found me steering a bobsled, landing a plane, being an astronaut, “creating” tornados and the list really does go on and on!  To top it off, you can finish the day in the Wells Fargo Cinedome (admission to the theatre is included in your Science Center pass).  The screen is 60 feet wide and 4 stories high – and you are right in the action.  Don’t be surprised to see your neighbor holding his breath when the camera dives beneath the water as it feels that real!  There is enough to do at the Washington Pavilion that you could spend all day having fun and still have not tried everything this site has to offer.

5. Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove – Follow my logic here…

Fact #1 – It is freezing cold outside.
Fact #2 – Butterflies and Fish do not have the capacity for combating cold environments.
Fact #3 – To keep the butterflies and fish comfortable, the Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove is kept at a tropical 80 degrees all year round.

Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove-Sioux Falls Winter Fun
© Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove

If there were no other reasons to stop in and see these beautiful flying insects and swimming amphibians, the fact that it is an oasis of heat in the midst of the tundra ought to be enough!  But of course that is not the case, there is so much more to offer than a break from the South Dakota elements.  When you step through the doors, the sheer beauty is just amazing. If you have a camera and want to capture some fantastic shots, this is a great place to stop all year round.  Okay so it is warm and beautiful… your still not sold.  That’s okay because they really finish the job with their awesome displays and interactive exhibits.  If we are honest with ourselves there is a bit of “kid” locked away inside of each of us and it is amazing how good the Butterfly House and Marine Cove is at pulling it out.  The butterflies are cool, but I’m more of a fish guy and the tropical fish you can watch, the interesting tales and information you can read, and actually getting to touch the sharks and stingrays, I’m surprisingly okay with admitting… I was “geaking” out a little bit!

Sioux Falls Skyzone - Sioux Falls Winter Fun
© Sioux Falls Skyzone

4. Skyzone – In 2002, I was a young and impressionable young man and I fell in love with a new sport airing on the brand new Spike TV Network.  The sport was SlamBall, basically basketball with trampolines.  The high flying acrobatics and incredible slam dunks had me hooked!  As is usually my luck with TV shows I find to be absolutely fantastic – it was canceled the next season and my infatuation with trampoline basketball faded… until Skyzone opened its doors in Sioux Falls.  Don’t let me confuse you, there are no basketball hoops to try out your high flying dunk routine on (at least not yet! ).  But there is tons of space for you to attempt to get as high as you can and try out all kinds of acrobatics.  Also advertised are trampoline dodge ball leagues.  I haven’t been to one yet but that just sounds too good to be true!  I can’t wait to get back and have a crack at it!

Carousel Skate-Sioux Falls Winter Fun
© Carousel Skate

3. Carousel Skate – First off, I love Carousel because it is a locally owned non-franchise alternative for parties and celebrations to the likes of certain overpriced pizza peddling mice.  As long as you don’t go on Friday nights, where it becomes “THE PLACE TO BE” for every middle schooler in the city, Carousel Skate is a fantastic venue for family fun.  Walking through the doors is like walking through a portal back to your youth.  The brown rental skates, roller skating birthday parties, the cool kids zipping by in their fancy rollerblades… it truly is a blast both from the past and for the present!

Outdoor Campus - Sioux Falls Winter Fun
© SD Game, Fish, and Park

2. Outdoor Campus – To be completely honest, I didn’t think the Outdoor campus had a whole lot to offer.  It is a favorite field trip destination for what seems like every school in the Sioux Falls School District and I have been there countless times as both a student and teacher.  So, I thought I had pretty much seen everything they had to offer… Boy was I wrong!  Winter time at the Outdoor campus is a blast.  Have you ever tried snowshoeing?  It sounds pretty basic and you’ve seen it on the movies but it is amazing how those special shoes keep you on top of the snow and let you explore without having to “trudge” around.  If you are looking for a fantastic workout, try on some cross country skis and take a lap around one of the many trails available.  You’ll have a ton of fun, and a ton of sore muscles the next day (perhaps some muscles you didn’t even know you had!).  If you’ve been to the Outdoor Campus before or saw their spring line up with your school group, don’t let that stop you from swinging by yourself or with your family, you are missing out on the FUN!!!

Great Bear Recreation Park-Sioux Falls Winter Fun
© Great Bear Recreation Park

1. Great Bear Recreation – It is snowing outside but you still want to have fun, what do you do? Go sledding.  Great Bear takes that philosophy and amplifies it a hundred times over.  There are over a dozen different downhill ski and snowboarding runs or if you’re not into speeding down a hill with the wind in your face , try out cross country skiing on the groomed trail.  Would you rather sit down and have fun? No problem… there is an 80ft drop you can take a tube down.  Even if you the person that just wants to sit, sip on your coffee, and watch the kids have a blast, there is a place for you in the lodge with huge windows for you to look out at the fun!

Can you think of some other ways to have a blast in Sioux Falls over the cold winter?  Add them in the comments below, we’d love to add them to our list!