Sioux Falls Winter Wonderland!

Falls Park Sioux Falls SD
Sioux Falls Winter Wonderland
Sioux Falls Winter Wonderland

The Switch has been Flipped!  The annual “Sioux Falls Winter Wonderland” light show at Falls Park has been set up for the 2015-2016 winter season.  We added taking a trip down the Winter Wonderland light show lane to our popular Sioux Falls Best Winter Stops post, but this year the lights are even more amazing.  Swing by after dark to see this truly beautiful exhibit, from flashing reindeer, to twinkling stars, to the astonishing accent lights across the falls, the extent of the transformation is quite amazing. 

The lights at the Sioux Falls Winter Wonderland truly are awe inspiring, you really don’t have to be all that creative to figure out how to make stopping by a part of your plans: Have a romantic evening picnic (or cup of hot cocoa!) underneath the lights and stars, steal a kiss on the observation deck with a beautiful view of the falls and an amazing panorama of the city, plan an evening time snowball fight with the kids (even come early to prepare fortifications and ammo!), maybe even plan your evening jog/bike ride to swing by the park, there is nothing like beautiful lights and amazing scenery to take your mind off the pain!  The point is, our city goes through a lot of work, with really no financial benefit or monetary gain, just to give us one more place to have fun and one more reason to enjoy living in Sioux Falls… lets take advantage of every moment that we can!  If you have some other ideas for having fun under the dazzling winter wonderland display, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

This year the “Sioux Falls Winter Wonderland” will light up every evening until January 10, 2016.  Plan a night to go out and be amazed.  Whether you decide to just drive along the roads or get out and walk the paths (or more) be prepared to be amazed and thoroughly entertained!