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Do you remember… way back… before we all had little video game boxes in our pockets (cell phones)… do you remember the joy of wasting away an afternoon at the local arcade? You trade a couple bucks for a few special tokens! Collect tickets for prizes you would loose or break within a couple of days anyway!  Wait in line to challenge the local best at the hottest new game… oh the joy of the arcade! It is possible some of our younger readers have no clue what I am talking about… arcade?  What is that?

Whether you are like me and have fond memories of the glory days of the local arcades, or you are intrigued by the new experience I just described above… there is hope!  Right inside the West Mall, across the hall from the movie theatre, the Electric Rainbow is doing it right!  They have all of the classics, and tons of new games for real hands on, interactive video game fun!

Sioux Falls Fun Page Electric Rainbow

Over the past year or so, the Electric Rainbow arcade has been upgrading their games and freshening up their line-up for a new generation of arcade gamers!  You can still find the classics – Ski ball, Air Hockey, “The Claw” (In your best Toy Story Voice) prize games, Big Game Hunter, Tekken, Pinball, and more blasts from the past to keep us old folks entertained. But mixed in among the classics are new offerings with big high definition touch screens!  Games like Guitar Hero, Nerf Shooting Arcade, Jurassic World, and Justice League will be more on speed with the younger crowd.

Basically there is something for everyone!  If you haven’t been by in a while stop back in and see just much fun there is to be had for the whole family!

Oh Yeah! And the best part… the games are priced VERY VERY liberally.  My family of 6 had a blast with $20 and the kids were able to get a handful of army men and a few Chinese finger traps to boot! This is definitely a new stop on our family night calendar!