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In the 2020 US Census, Sioux Falls tallied in at 192,517 people.  Leaving us just outside the “100 Largest Cities in the US” list.  While some people can’t wait for Sioux Falls to become the next sprawling metropolis of the Midwest, we absolutely love our current status as a big town/little city!  While you would do well to remember to lock your car and your front door, you can still say “Hello,” to your neighbor a walk safely around the block.  There isn’t anywhere in-town most people would not feel completely safe to be outside.  And if you find yourself in a questionable situation, “good Samaritans” are all around willing to jump in and lend a hand!  Sioux Falls is perfect!

One main struggle people run into in a growing city, is getting lost in the hustle and bustle and not taking time to tend relationships and build friendships.  Sometimes it is just business, business, business… and everything else falls by the way side!  Stay tuned for 5 ways you can still make friends in Sioux Falls!

  1. Church – this has always been my go to!  People who hold similar beliefs, morals, and values as you are always fantastic potential friends!  Besides the fact that you will have an established time and day of the week to see each other and catch up, you also have the backdrop of your church community to help build your friendship!  All of the awesome activities that go on in churches like Bible Studies, food drives, volunteering opportunities, working on committees, fundraising campaigns and more are the perfect fertile grounds for friendships to begin and grow!  If you are looking for a new best friend in Sioux Falls, church should be stop number 1!
  2. Follow Your Passions – Similar to church, you can find people who are passionate about the same things as you, at the places you go to chase those passions!  For example if you love to exercise, try introducing yourself to some folks at the gym!  If you love to read, meet someone new at the bookstore!  Think about it… the Wellness Co-op, Coffea, the Old Courthouse Museum, even the Eric Church concert are all places where people with similar interests frequent!  It’s even better if the local establishment you visit to engage in your passion host misers, happy hours, classes, or other group events where even more like minded people might be!  To find friends in Sioux Falls, try church on Sunday and then hit up your passion on Monday!
  3. Community Education – At Sioux Falls Fun Page we are all about being life long learners, and Sioux Falls Community Education is the perfect way to pursue that goal… and make new friends!  We all have seen the ridiculously huge catalogue with classes ranging from sewing to painting and from cooking to self defense!  Just about any hobby you might want to give a try, there is a class for it!  Chances are the people you meet in class will make awesome new friends!
  4. Work – How well do you actually know your co-workers?  A majority of us spend more time with our co-workers at our jobs than we do anywhere else in the world… sometimes even more than our own homes!  Being around these people 40 hours a week might be ENOUGH for some, but I bet there are one or two people at your job you wouldn’t mind catching a movie with, or grabbing brunch with on Saturday morning!
  5. There Is A Group For That – Lastly, due to COVID and our ever shrinking world… maybe you would be best served taking your friendships online???  Facebook is full of groups centered around special interests.  Sioux Falls Photography, Sioux Falls Politics, Guy Stuff, South Dakota Film Community Group, and The Hillbilly Repurpose Project Center are all thriving and active groups on Facebook right now!!  Full of at potential “friends.”  If you graduated from a local school check if your class has a reunion page, maybe you can make a “new old friend!”  Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest all also have ways to search out locals with similar interests!  Certainly be smart and safe about it, but you might even turn an online friend into an offline friend in the process!

Now you are ready to get out there!  Stop wasting away your evenings curled up in your bathrobe eating a microwave dinner every night (you can only do this 2 nights a week… tops!) and check out these 5 places in Sioux Falls for your next BFF!