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There is nothing like a great pizza!  Fresh flavors, hot fluffy crust, authentic ingredients… it only gets better with that hint of open pizza oven fire flavor!  If you are a pizza lover… or if you happen to be drooling a little bit after reading that last sentence – you HAVE TO  try out Pizza Di Paolo on South Minnesota Ave.  One of the kiddos and I stopped in last week and I’ve found a new awesome pizza spot to add to my out to eat calendar!

Pizza Di Paolo is a quiet little shop tucked away in a strip mall between Caribou Coffee and Ramen Fuji.  The front is super clean and well laid out.  You walk right up to the counter and can see this is an authentic place!  Linda helped us figure out exactly what we wanted, some of the Authentic Names needed a little explaining for me.  You can watch the pizza chefs put the fresh ingredients directly on your saucy pizza dough before sliding it in the oven!  It is a beautiful sight to see!

While your taste buds are anticipating the delectable flavor head over to the old fashioned jukebox, right there in the dining area.  It set up to work without even a the need for a nickel!  Listen to Elvis, the Beatles, George Straits greatest hits, Motown classics and more as you await your dinner/lunch/snack/ whatever it is you’re stopping in for!

When the pizza comes out it’s setup on its own little pedestal on your table… like the pizza royalty it is!  We only finished half of ours! The flavor is spot on! The sauce is fresh and delicious!  The sausages were bursting with flavor!  And the crust… oh the crust… it was kissed just enough by the fire to get that pizza oven flavor, while maintaining its fluffy yummy-ness!

Everything about our lunch was just awesome!  We will definitely stopping back in to Pizza Di Paolo… and you should too!