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Awesome photography might not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about Sioux Falls winters, but get ready to have your mind blown! These 10 locations are sure to make any winter shot pop! As you scroll through be sure to take a moment and visit the links to the various local photographers featured here, a simple like, share, or comment goes a long way to helping them out! Without any further adieu… here we go!

1. Falls Park – @behindthelensmoments – Danielle Cooper

No list of amazing Sioux Falls Photography Locations would be complete without a shout out to our city’s namesake and the majestic views that it contains! The Falls are always stunning, and amazingly versatile throughout the seasons. Winter is no exception, with ranges of peaceful serenity (like this image), to raging rapids, to frozen masterpiece… and everything in between! We love photographing at Falls Park every year!

2. Phillips Ave (Phillips Ave Lofts) – @bestdressedblonde and @rhodyray

If you are not following @BestDressedBlonde on Instagram you should follow the link above, and check them out now – Also if you haven’t driven down the “Phillips to the Falls” route in the winter time… grab the car keys and check it out! Especially at night with the lights and decor, this stretch of road is a really beauty! Let this awesome shot by Rhody Ray, be your inspiration to grab your camera and capture some awesome shots in the heart of Sioux Falls!

3. Downtown Sioux Falls – @MaggieSweetsPhotography – Maggie Sweets

Just head south from our last location and you’ll find equally stunning locations right in the heart of Downtown Sioux Falls! All of the lights and unique aesthetics from the many businesses are always awesome downtown… but when you add holiday lights, beautiful twilight skies, and maybe even a thin white blanket of snow… you have all of the makings of a masterpiece! You cannot go wrong heading downtown for a few terrific shots!

4. Cherry Creek Bridge – @click_srik – Srikanth Adurti

There is something super satisfying about snow, twilight, and a picturesque perspective of a bridge! I am a sucker for it (as you will see throughout this list)! It’s classic, elegant, and edgy all at the same time, and there is no better bridge view in Sioux Falls than Cherry Creek Park. This is the perfect spot for any kind of Sioux Falls Photography – couples, seniors, families, or just a landscape shot like this one… they all work! Truly one of the top spots in Sioux Falls to capture a stunning image.

5. Tomar Park – @paigekilgore_ph – Paige Kilgore

Maybe you are like me, when I think of Tomar Park I think of 7 year old soccer games and limited parking! But local photographer Paige Kilgore is out to change our minds with stunning captures just like this one! just a few steps down the trail you are surrounded by beautiful trees and brush. Add the fluffy snowflakes and this shot could be out of a magazine… its just perfect! This images could easily be from the Black Hills, no one would even know its from a location 10 minutes from your front door right in Sioux Falls city limits! At the very least, take a little stroll down the walking trails at Tomar Park after your 7 year old’s next soccer game1

6. Riverdale Park – @avva_va_va_va – Prasanth Avva

Check out this stunning perspective of Riverdale Park and the Big Sioux River! Whether you are shooting overhead like this flat footed on the ground there are stunning scenes to be captured all around Riverdale! As one of our cities oldest parks it has a terrific mix of “wilderness” and groomed and kept areas. A fresh blanket of snow certainly adds to the natural beauty of a location like this! While you’re out scouting for new Sioux Falls photo locations don’t skip Riverdale park!

7. Legacy Park – @brianlarson – Brian Larson

Okay… I know… its another bridge with a fresh layer of powder… but I’m telling you… that is the beauty of being a photographer in Sioux Falls! You get views like this every year for at least a few months out of the year! Be like Brian Larson and take the trek and see what magic you can work with your camera. And its not just he bridge Legacy Park has many different perspectives to capture breath taking images, there’s even an easy access to get close the water (BE CAREFUL!!!!).

8. Down A Country Road – @roxmontagne – Roxann Montagne

Not only is this kiddo having the time of his life!!! The shot is perfect! No cheesy smiles, staged looks, or cliche captures – this is pure joy, all natural, and just stunning photography and you can capture shots just like Roxann Montagne did down any country… or city road on a snowy day in Sioux Falls (be sure to look both ways and keep a look-out! SAFETY FIRST!) This young man slipped his coat off just for a second, Roxann caught the snow as it was falling, and together they created a memory that will last… not too shabby for a simple capture down a country road!

9. Good Earth State Park – @southdakotahiker

Good Earth State Park is literally acres upon acres of amazing vantage points and beautiful settings! Even I can capture a breath taking image at this location, and that is saying something! The beautiful twilight skies you get during Sioux Falls winters, especially outside of town a little ways, coupled with the beautiful scenery and you are setup for awesome portraits or landscape shots!

10. West Sioux Studios – @lapaixphoto – Jaice Shakespaere

Did you know you don’t have to brave the elements to capture amazing winter photography in Sioux Falls! At West Sioux Studios there is a beautiful all-white lifestyle studio with a massive 8 foot window that just lets the all of the natural light pour in – letting you capture exquisite shots just like this one by Jaice Shakespaere and LaPaix Photos! No coats, sniffles, or frost-bite only stunning shots, amazing captures, and elegant images! If you hang up your camera over the winter, or if your just looking for a new place to photograph, check out West Sioux Studios for your next Sioux Falls Winter Photoshoot!

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Have you tried out any of these locations? Do you have any go to spots in Sioux Falls when the temperatures drop or when the snow falls! We hope this list has inspired you to get out and snap some awesome winter time photos all around Sioux Falls!