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Guess who UniversityHQ has named the top school… IN THE NATION… to earn a Computer Programming degree online… if you are thinking somewhere in Silicon Valley… you would be wrong…  out on the east coast… wrong again… certainly an “Ivy League” school… NOPE…. our very own SOUTHEAST TECHNICAL COLLEGE!!!

From Detroit to Houston and New York to LA (yes, I stole that from a Lee Greenwood song), there is no better online Computer Programming course you can enter!  We are talking about a cutting edge field with huge earning potential and almost guaranteed job placement in tech filled world, and Sioux Falls is leading the charge!

The two year associates degree at Southeast Tech is by far one of the most cost effective Computer Programming investments a person can make, but don’t let the sticker price fool you!  Upon completion of the program students are ready to break into the industry right away or pursue further education in the field.  With degree in hand, graduates are ready to pursue work as a programmer, developer, support specialist, systems administrator, and more.  Better yet they can leverage their associate’s degree to gain employment while working towards a 4 year degree or even a Master’s or Doctorate!

We are so proud of the work being done at Southeast Technical College, and not just work, but clearly THE BEST work!  Keep on bringing Good News to Sioux Falls!