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If strong local businesses are the foundations of every great community West Sioux Falls has a “Rock of Gibraltar” in Sport Bowl!  They have been in Sioux Falls since 1940 and in the West Sioux Community since 1966.  Providing fun filled afternoons of family bowling, competitive and recreational leagues, bowling lessons, a top of the line Pro Shop, and so much more to the community every step of the way!  In over 80 years in town, Sport Bowl has been the host of charity events, bowl-a-thons, fundraisers, birthday parties, and everything in between.  They truly are in the bedrock of city!

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A long line of local partnerships have served as the owners and operators over the years, from the flamboyant Joe Floyd, Sr., to both Frank Maltese Sr. and Frank Maltese Jr. at different times, Al Stephen, Dave Parker, Mel VanLiere, Andy Anderson, and Jeremy Sonnenfeld have all been the stewards of this local gem; each bringing their own flavor to the business; all keeping the legacy alive and thriving!

Innovation has been the key to success for Sport Bowl.  From the days of manual pin setters and ball returns to the state of the art automated pin machines, underground ball returns, flat screen animated scoring system, they have kept up each step of the way, even setting the bar for other local bowling alleys to measure up to!

Personally, my days at Sport Bowl reach all the way back to Middle School incentive parties at Axtell Park! Whether it was good grades or exemplary behavior, we all relished the reward of getting to skip afternoon classes (with permission!), bus down to Sport Bowl, and enjoy hours of Cosmic Bowling, Snack Shop Treats, and outstanding service!  I spent evenings at the alley as a teenager.  Visited as a leader of local youth groups.  And even now I bring my own kiddos to the same great place, with the same great service and outstanding entertainment!

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If strong local businesses are the foundation of every great community, we should all hope that the exemplary community service of Sport Bowl continues on for another 80 years as they continue to be a sterling role model for new and old businesses alike!