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In the past couple of weeks over 2,000 college students in Sioux Falls have earned the honor of being placed on the Dean’s List for the fall semester!  The Dean’s List (or President’s List for Southeast Tech students) requires a student to be full time (taking 12 or more credit hours) and also maintain a 3.5 grade point average in all of their classes.  This means that these students are taking between 4-7 classes and are achieving mostly A’s in all of them – in college!  2,000 of the young people in our community, young folks who you might see working at the local Hy-Vee, volunteering at an elementary school or shelter, preforming in an auditorium or a field somewhere – are dominating their academics as well!

College is not easy!  Many of us can attest to the difficulties of real life hitting you in the face for the first time!  Missing home!  Balancing your schedule!  Participating in extra-curriculars like the arts or sports (which aren’t so extracurricular once your scholarship money is attached to how well you preform!)!  Having to work late hours to fit around your class schedule!  We know the drill, it’s tough, we did it… with varying degrees of success!  But it is astounding to me that such a huge number of students from Augustana University, University of Sioux Falls, Southeast Technical College and the University Center have been able to handle all of that and still excel in their academics!

Congratulations and hats off to all of you!  If you know a student at one of these institutions, check the links below for their name!  Tell them how proud you are of them and help them keep bringing Good News to Sioux Falls!

Southeast Technical College –


Augie –

University Center – Students at the University Center are technically enrolled at USD, SDSU, DSU, SD School of Mines, Black Hills State, or NSU – they just take their classes here in Sioux Falls.  You can definitely use Google to find the 2021 Fall Deans list for these schools to search for a name!