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The Most Amazing Stories In Sioux Falls History


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Completely transform your prospective on the Midwest, American History, Small Town Politics and So Much More!!! We dive into 21 different sorted tales of champions and cheaters, thieves and heroes, and events you never would have dreamed taking place in a little pioneer prairie town in South Dakota!

Did you know the World Record in the 100 yard dash was once set in Sioux Falls, or that on multiple occasions, citizens of Sioux Falls have tried to strong arm the United States Congress into passing, changing, and modifying Federal Laws; how about the fact that nationally renowned bank robbers seem to think Sioux Falls is the perfect town for a quick score!

The history of Sioux Falls is full of amazing stories, played out by outstanding individuals, find themselves in unbelievable circumstances! And we chronicle all of them here for your reading pleasure! Find within the covers of this book 21 unique stories from Sioux Falls past that will have you saying… no way… I never knew that… I can’t believe it!

Author Joshua Sweets, is a local teacher and entrepreneur, obsessed with collecting stories and histories from the area! He has crafted his favorites into an amazing publication that is both easy to read and difficult to put down!

This book is a must read for anyone living in Sioux Falls and a strong recommendation for anyone interested in pioneer, Midwest, South Dakota, and frontier history! It’s also great for anyone who just enjoys a good story!

You won’t be disappointed with this one!

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