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For the past 2 weeks the city of Sioux Falls has been rallying around one of our own.  In 14 days nearly $4,000 has been raise to help Aaron and Rebecca Bruce had their company van, filled with most of their supplies from their small business, All Natural Shea Butter. The young couple didn’t just loose their vehicle, but also their means of doing business.  In the days since the incident, the van has been recovered, but sustain serious damage and had been stripped of the supplies stocked inside.

During the early hours of January 7th the video footage shows the van parked in a well lit parking lot with the doors locked when the thief approaches pushing a bicycle. After checking all of the doors they spend less than 3 minutes working on the passenger side door, before to their delight and I’m sure Aaron and Rebecca’s horror… the door pops open!  Within less than 60 seconds the tail lights pop on and exhaust can be seen from the tail pipe… the thief managed to break in AND start the vehicle.  Shortly after that, the last security footage available shows the van driving off the lot, without a clear shot of the thief’s face or any way of tracking it down!

Police tracked down the van, only to find it inoperable and most of the supplies and equipment it was carrying gone.  There has been no word as of yet about the identity of the thief.

Perhaps the most heart breaking part of the situation is, in an attempt to balance the budget the couple had elected to lower the insurance on the van just three days before tragedy; meaning there was no coverage for the lost items or damage to their vehicle.  So… Rebecca turned to building a GoFundMe page, where she has been able to humbly tell her story and seek support from her community.  In just two weeks Sioux Falls has responded to the tune of almost $4,000!

You can help too!  If you are moved to give, you can do so by following this link (click here), you can also support just by passing this story on, share it with your friends, family, and co-workers, or take the time to visit and order a few products or find out their next live trade show to stop by their booth!  You can help the Bruce Family and help bring “Good News” to Sioux Falls!