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Top 10 Accolades

1. Forbes – Best Small Places for Business and Careers

To say that Sioux Falls “owns” this list would be an understatement!  Since 2000, we have been ranked at near the top of this list every single year, with 13… count them 13 1st Place finishes!  And we are talking about Forbes Magazine!!!  What makes this Sioux Falls #1 accolade is a well respected, reputable international business magazine has repeatedly measured the scales of what makes a Small City amazing for Business and Careers and after each evaluation Sioux Falls just keeps showing up.  Further down the list you will see more and more accolades that support Forbes’ assessment.  Basically this ranking is telling the world, “Sioux Falls Rocks!” and we would have to very strongly agree!  Here are the rankings from the past 20 years:

1st – 2019, 2018, 2017, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003,
2nd – 2016, 2011
3rd – 2015
5th – 2014, 2002
9th – 2001
22nd – 2000

2. SmartAsset – Top City in America for Young Professionals

If Sioux Falls “owned” the top spot on the Forbes ranking above, it is safe to say we have taken out a long term lease on the first place in this ranking.  6 times in the past 6 years Sioux Falls has ranked in the top 5 on this list, and 4 times it has been #1!  Part of what has kept Sioux Falls at the top has been the open playing field for young graduates and entrepreneurs to break into the business world.  Sioux Falls has become a town focused much less on your experience or extra initials behind your name… and more on RESULTS!  While that approach comes with challenges of its own, it leaves the door wide open to young folks ready to make an impact!  Check out these rankings from the past few years:

1st – 2021, 2019, 2018, 2017

4th – 2020

5th – 2016
Thrillist – 2020 – 18 Best Parks In America

Listed in no particular order, Falls Park finds itself in good company alongside beautiful city parks across the nation!  The write up boasts about the 123 acre park, the 100 foot drop in the river across the cascading falls, amazing food and views at Overlook Café, and intriguing sculptures and historic remains of bygone years!  Thrillist has declared to the world, what we already know – Falls Park is a Gem in the heart of an equally beautiful city!

WalletHub – 2021 – Top 15 Hardest Working Cities in America

In an evaluation of 11 different metrics including, employment rate, average weekly work hours, and percentage of workers with multiple jobs, Sioux Falls showed off its Midwest values and work ethic and cracked the Top 15 list!  If you look at the rankings above, not only is Sioux Falls an amazing business environment… it has the workforce to capitalize on it!  We are not afraid to get our hands dirty, work extra hours, and get the job done!  The only question now is what is Cheyenne, WY doing that we aren’t to claim that top spot!  We are coming for you Cheyenne!

Expedia – 2017 – Top 21 Super Cool Cities in US

It amazes me that Sioux Falls continues to break economic records and land itself on the Top of dozens of “Best Business” lists and yet it still can be classified as a “Super Cool City!”  Of course we all would have to agree with Expedia’s assessment… Sioux Falls is Super, Duper Cool.  From economic opportunities, educational institutions, entertainment options, sporting events, visionary leadership, to Midwest family values and morals, you can point to all kinds of bonuses of living in Sioux Falls.  Don’t believe me??? Just ask!

SmartAsset – 2020 – Best Places in the USA to Raise Kids is at it again ranking Sioux Falls at 6th on this list!  Sioux Falls schools, library system, parks and recreation department, and overall community dedication to learning and exploration make this a no brainer!  There is always something to do and somewhere to go for kiddos in Sioux Falls to expand their horizons… and it shows!

Forbes – 2020 – Top 25 Places to Retire

Not only the people over at Forbes think Sioux Falls is the best Small City for Business and Careers (see #1 on this list) they also realize that its an amazing city to retire in! Taking in to account things like cost of living, state taxes, median home prices, crime rate, air quality and more Forbes places Sioux Falls alongside cities like Virginia Beach, San Antonia, Rochester, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Dallas!  Tell your friends to take their advice from Forbes, move to Sioux Falls, start a business or career, live a great life, and then retire in one of the Top 25 cities the USA has to offer!

WalletHub – 2021 – Best Place in USA to Flip Houses

You know the story… buy a house, fix it up, and sell it for profit… “flip it!”  If you spend anytime on Instagram, Pinterest, or HGTV its clear everyone in the world is doing it these days!  But what you might not know is Sioux Falls is the #1 best place to Flip Houses! Utilizing metrics average gross return, median purchase price, average remodel costs, construction worker salary, and others named Sioux Falls the “King of the Mountain!”  And its not just the 2021 list, Sioux Falls has made itself comfortable at or near the top of the list since 2018!!!  So live out your House Flipping dream in the best place in the nation to do it!

TravelMag – 2021 – 30 Most Charming Small Cities in the USA

In no particular order TravelMag places Sioux Falls right along side popular “charming” cities like Annapolis, Savannah, Providence, Santa Barbara, and 25 others!  After they surveyed a broad number of professional writers, photographers, and travel industry specialists, TravelMag compiled a list of the Top 30 most charming!  Citing the picturesque views of Falls Park, the Butterfly House and Marine Cove, the Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Musuem of Natural History, over 20 miles of bike trails, and Downtown Sioux Falls, it is easy to see how Sioux Falls had to bake it on their list!  We all know this was a no brainer!

Sports Business Journal – 2015 – Best Minor League Market

A little bit of an older award, but this 7th in the nation ranking is still very relevant!  Sioux Falls is a year round sports mecca!  I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that families could enjoy a sporting event every night of the week… all year long in Sioux Falls.  From State Champion High School sports teams, Competitive Collegiate athletics, various Semi-Pro teams, and World Class Venues hosting Professional Headlining events, sports addicts flock to Sioux Falls!  Thanks to the likes of the Skyforce, Canaries, Stampede, Storm, USF Cougars, and Augustana Vikings, as well as “The Birdcage,” the Arena, Premier Center, Pentagon, Howard Wood Stadium, Kirby-Over Field, and “the Bob” Bob Young Stadium you are viewing amazing competition… in luxury! The articles states the Skyforce fills 91% of its seats, the Storm averages over 6,000 fans at home games, and the Canaries will see over 140,000 fans out at the Birdcage in the summer time!  Sioux Falls has remained in the Top 25 of this list in each of its new iterations since this #7 finish in 2015.

Also Worth Mentioning!

We had to pick out the 10 most impactful awards for the “Top 10 Accolades…” List, but Sioux Falls is an award winning city to say the least.  Check out these other recognitions that have been earned by our great city:

  1. 2015 – Forbes – Up and Coming Cities for Recent College Grads – 1st
  2. 2006,2007,2008,2009, 2012 – All State – Safest Driving City in America – 1st
  3. 2018 –24/ – Top 10 Best Cities for Older Americans – 2nd
  4. 2020 – Livability – Coolest City Parks in the US – 2nd
  5. 2022 – Sperling’s Best Places – Most Secure Mid-Sized US Places – 2nd
  6. 2015 – Fodor’s Travel – Best Urban Bike Paths in US – 3rd
  7. 2017 – Milken Institute – Best Small City to Retire – 5th
  8. 2020 – WalletHub – Happiest Cities in America – 6th
  9. 2022– Policom – Annual Economic Strength Ranking – 8th
  10. 2016 – Business Insider – US Cities where Residents have the Healthiest Finances – 8th
  11. 2016 – WalletHub – Best Cities in America for Single Moms – 9th
  12. 2020 – Livability – Top 100 Best Places to Live – 10th
  13. 2019 – SmartAsset – Best City for Living the American Dream – 10th
  14. 2019 – – Top Place in the Nation to Retire – 10th
  15. 2019 – Livability – Top 10 Awesome Cities with Little To No Traffic – 10th
  16. 2020 – SmartAsset – Most Recession Resistant City in America – 10th
  17. Road Runner Club of America – Runner Friendly Community
  18. 2019 – Food Network – 33 Best Burritos in the Country –  Jacky’s Restaurant
  19. 2019 – Travel and Leisure – Best Ice Cream Shop in SD – Stensland Family Farms
  20. 2018 and  2017 – “International Boutique Awards” – Filly Flair – 2nd
  21. 2009 – Raven Industries – 109th – Forbes top 200 Best Small Companies in America