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January 14th, 1961 – On This Day in Sioux Falls History, “Fast Food” came to town when Max Paisley opened up the first Sioux Falls McDonalds at the intersection of 40th St. and Minnesota Ave. He would go on to open a total of 4 restaurants in town at 8th and Indiana, 41st and Shirley, and East 10th St. (just south of the South Dakota School for the Deaf). The first 3 locations would be started less than a year apart!

Max also managed 30 McDonalds locations in Canada!

Already a long time resident of Sioux Falls, Max chose to manage his Canada stores as a long distance relationship so he could stay in town. Eventually in 1994 the back and forth became too much and Max moved to Canada permanently to keep a closer watch on his Fast Food Empire!

Before leaving town Mr. Paisley sold his 4 stores and gifted over 52 acres of land to the city of Sioux Falls. The city would eventually develop that land into Paisley park on the east bank of the Big Sioux River just south of 26th st.

Many residents of Sioux Falls, both young and old, owe a great big thank you to Max Paisley for his generosity and vision for keeping bellies full and providing family centered fun… all at the same time!