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February 20th, 1890 – On This Day in Sioux Falls History, a new suburb is incorporated… South Sioux Falls!  With its town center near present day 41st St and Minnesota Ave., South Sioux Falls was RF Pettigrew’s vision of a wealthy suburb separate from the bustling downtown atmosphere.

Although that vision of quiet luxury was soon forgotten when Pettigrew saw the wide open prairie as the perfect location for a feed lot and stockyards!

The luxury homes would be built further east near modern day Tuthill Park.  Pettigrew would go on to build a high fenced wild game ranch, both as a hunting ground and early zoo!  Along with the game ranch was a first class hotel on the grounds of modern day Yankton Trails.  Pettigrew brought in a herd of buffalo and a colony of prairie dogs!

South Sioux Falls would also see the development of a soap factory, mill, and other smaller local businesses along with a school, shops, and homes. Though many of Pettigrew’s businesses failed, South Sioux Falls grew and expanded over the years.  Eventually both Sioux Falls and its new sister city grew right up to the border separating the two… 33rd street. In 1955 the cities would vote to merge, but we’ll talk more about that on October 18th and November 15th!