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February 3rd, 1884 – John Tuthill and his brother form Tuthill Brothers Lumber Co. and soon become wealthy lumber producers in the region. John’s eldest son Arthur would buy the land we know today as Tuthill Park in 1915 (as a summer home!!! He really needed to travel those couple of miles south to get away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis that was 1915 Sioux Falls!). Eventually Arthur would donate the land and “summer house” to the city of Sioux Falls!

Arthur’s wife Dot, made sure one of the stipulations of the city receiving the land was a promise to keep up the flower gardens she had planted and kept each summer!

I am going to admit something here that might make me seem a little silly… but I always assumed Tuthill, the area to the Southeast of I-229 and Cliff Ave., was a hill named after someone with the last name Tut… I felt really silly to learn that it is indeed named after a prominent early Sioux Falls family… but there full name is Tuthill – it just happens that their property holdings were on one of the biggest hills in South Sioux Falls! So technically it is Tuthill Hill – or as we call it Tuthill Park!

The building in the picture is the original Tuthill Lumber Co. right down by the railroad depots. It is now DeWitt Design.