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February 4th, 1898 – On This Day in Sioux Falls History, Carl “Oscar” Ericson, a long time Sioux Falls resident, passes away. A mechanical genius, Oscar installed the first large display clock in Sioux Falls, in the old Masonic Lodge clock tower.

Ericson officially worked as the head of the Electric Light Plant in Sioux Falls, but was known as the one to call to fix anything that needed fixing – often making vast improvements rather than repairs!

He made many small inventions for personal use, but hit the jackpot when he patented and marketed his design of an electrical metre. For his efforts he received multiple write ups in Scientific American and the “Great Gold Medal” from the Inventors’ Academy of Paris, France! They also recognized him as a “Member of Honor of the Academy.”

Carl Oscar Ericson very well might be the first in a long line of citizen of Sioux Falls to leave their mark on the world for their scientific discovery and invention!