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February 6th, 1890 – At the first official meeting of the Supreme Court of the brand new state of South Dakota, one of the first items on the agenda official licensing of attorney’s to practice in the state (as opposed to the territory).

Whether by chance or of his own request we do not know, but Sioux Falls lawyer Curtis H. Winsor received the distinction of being the first officially licensed lawyer in South Dakota, because he was the oldest attorney in the state.

Winsor had indeed been practicing law for nearly 20 years by that time, so to say he was experienced would definetly be true… but it comes as a surprise to know that he was the “oldest!”

At the time of his official licensing as a practicing attorney in South Dakota… in fact as the oldest practicing attorney in South Dakota… Curtis H. Winsor had reached the ripe old age of 43 years old!
Such was the infancy of our great state!