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January 10th, 1974 – Two Sioux Falls political juggernauts became public enemies in the race for the Democratic Nomination for Governor of South Dakota.

Richard Kneip was the incumbent governor, running for his third term and William Dougherty, who had been Gov. Kneip’s Lt. Gov. up until this point announced that he was challenging his boss in the Democratic primaries!

Both young men had visions of the Democrat party growing and taking hold in South Dakota and while Kneip was known for his folksy one-to-one campaigning, Dougherty, who had worked on the JFK and RFK presidential campaigns just years before, wanted to take the state by storm.

In the end Kneip would become the first governor to serve 3 terms in SD History, along with his new Lt. Gov. Roger Wollman and Dougherty would become a top lobbyist in Pierre.