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January 11th – has played host to some of the most dramatic winter storms in the history of Sioux Falls. One of the earliest and most influential citizens of our great town Charles K. Howard relates a story about being trapped in a storm for 3 days back in 1878!

The national weather service has picked out January 11, 1975 as the worst recorded blizzard in Sioux Falls history. Although the 70 mph winds aren’t the strongest winds we’ve ever seen, nor the 7 inches of snow the deepest we’ve walked through, or the freezing -70 degree Artic winds the coldest we’ve felt… put all of those together for about 20 hours straight and you have a terrible storm!
You wouldn’t know it from the “Tropical” 50 degrees today in 2022, but January 11th should be a reason for worry on every Sioux Falls calendar.

***It is unclear, but this image may be from a storm in March of 1909 rather than January 11, 1878 – suffice it to say the snow and wind were ridiculous in both cases!