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January 13th, 1992 – On This Day In Sioux Falls History, the @sfskyforce won their first ever televised game! The Skyforce have provided fast paced, high flying, professional basketball to Sioux Falls since 1989 – making it the oldest minor league basketball team in the nation!!

Originally the team was affiliated with the CBA – Continental Basketball Association. It took a few years for the Skyforce to get rolling, but once they did they were unstoppable making it to the playoff all but 3 times between 1994 and 2006; on the way to winning 4 conference titles in ’96, ’97, ’99, and ’05, as well as 2 CBA Championships, one in ’96 the other in 2005!

In 2006 “The Force” made the jump from the CBA to the NBA D-League! @dleague_news_ But the winning would keep right on going!

2013 saw a partnership between the Skyforce and the Miami Heat work out well for both organizations and the development of dozens of players over the past decade!
The Sioux Falls Skyforce tacked on another championship in 2016 proving their mettle to any doubters in this new league! Many games have passed since this first televised victory on January 13th, 1992 – but the same ‘ol winning tradition carries!