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January 18, 1837 – On This Day In History, Capt. C. T. Jeffers was born, though he would not move to Sioux Falls until 42 years later in March of 1879. When Capt. Jeffers came to Sioux Falls, he had already live an amazing and adventurous life! From sailing up and down the Mississippi on steamboats as a pre-teen, volunteering for the Union Army during the Civil War, being discharged after injury just to re-enlist elsewhere and continue fighting, being injured again, recovering and receiving the promotion to First Lieutenant of 8th US Artillery, and finally retiring his command to farm back home, Jeffers had seen the world, and lived out the best and worst of it!

You would think a beginning like that would make a middle aged man too tired to start a new life in the unforgiving prairie, but Charles Jeffers did just that in Sioux Falls – and he would embrace the challenge fully. While here Jeffers would earn the distinction of being an assistant Marshal of the village of Sioux Falls, then Sioux Falls First City Marshal, Deputy Warden of the SD State Penitentiary, Captain of Company B of the Dakota National Guards, he would later be promoted to Major of the Second Battalion of the Second Regiment of the Dakota National Guards, State Inspector General, all while being a good citizen and friend, all right here in Sioux Falls!

We owe at least this small recognition to a man who decided to serve our great city rather than retire to the quiet life! Happy Birthday Captain Charles T. Jeffers and thank you for your service!