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January 19th, 1899 – On This Day In Sioux Falls History, after only about 6 months of fever paced building the Sioux Falls Auditorium hosts a Grand Opening Inaugural Ball! In Spring 1898 local businessman wrangled a premier national event to be hosted in Sioux Falls… the only problem was… Sioux Falls didn’t have a big enough venue to support such an event (We’ll tell you all about it on January 23rd… Stay Tuned)!

Construction crews worked late hours for half a year straight to build this magnificent stone structure! Finishing just 4 days before the opening ceremonies of the event, local residents decided to break in the new building themselves with a beautiful ball!
If national attention, forward looking vision, grand construction projects, and yes… year round construction don’t shout SIOUX FALLS we don’t know what does! I for one am glad from 1899 to 2022, not much has changed!

After all of the fuss to get it built the Auditorium would be used for a wide variety of purposes before being demolished in 1934 to make room for the new City Hall