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On This Day In Sioux Falls History – 1899 – For the first time Sioux Falls put itself on center stage in the national spotlight as the hosts of the National Creamery and Buttermakers Association Convention! Buttermaking was big business at the turn of the century and this 7 day convention (Yes, 7 days worth of Buttermaking!) drew visitors from all over the region and nation!

Of course, Sioux Falls was no were near ready for such a grand event when a few local business men lured the Buttermakers here about 6 months before the event! There wasn’t even a meeting hall big enough to accommodate so many… Buttermakers! Construction crews pretty much worked around the clock for half a year to have the Sioux Falls Auditorium ready for business a mere 3 days before the event!

The convention went off without a hitch and participants went back to their corners of the world with nothing but praise on their lips of the beautiful Midwest gem… Sioux Falls!