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On This Day In Sioux Falls History 1885 – At Sioux Falls first Scandinavian Fair a local resident by the name of Miss Lena Hagen brings home the grand prize of the raffle… A Silver Toilet Seat and a set of Silver Knives! Festivals like this were a way that groups of first and second generation immigrants could get together and remember “the old country,” they left to start a new life in Sioux Falls! The festivities would usually include traditional foods, games, dress, and customs that would bring back the days of yore!

It is not exactly clear whether the Silver Toilet Seat was a gag gift or held some sort of importance at the time! Although indoor plumbing had been around for a few decades, not too many households in the Dakotas could boast of actually having one in use! And certainly a silver toilet seat in the outhouse would be a prime target for a robber looking to turn a quick buck (imagine that headline – The Outhouse Bandit Strikes Again!). At least the knives would be a terrific start to Miss Hagens fine dining collection!