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January 25th, 1965 – On This Day In Sioux Falls History, Nils A. Boe is elected Governor of South Dakota. There seems to be a aversion across the state to politicians from Sioux Falls! In the 132 year state history from 1889 there have been just a handful of state wide elections won by folks from Sioux Falls.

In fact just 2 have actually been from Sioux Falls, Joe Foss and Nils A. Boe. Although Dick Kniep, Bill Janklow, and Dennis Daugaard were from the close surrounding area.

As our second local citizen to win the Governor’s Seat, Boe championed cutting property taxes and improving worker education, preparing SD for the 21st Century!

Boe served as a state legislator and Lieutenant Governor before running the state. He also held many high power federal positions after his governorship came to an end. He was the first Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, a Justice on the US Customs Court, serving as that courts Chief Justice for 6 years, and lastly had a seat on the US Court of International Trade.

Locally Boe, along with his 2 sisters developed the Boe Forum at the Center for Western Studies at Augustana University. Responsible for bringing some of the biggest International Icons to Sioux Falls. Read more about the Boe Forum in our entry from January 7th!