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January 27th, 1890 – On This Day In Sioux Falls History, track laying begins between the cities of Sioux Falls and the newly founded town of East Sioux Falls just 6 miles east and 1 mile south from SF borders.  
Starting off as just a stone cutting operation by Sioux Falls resident C.W. Hubbard and his company Sioux Falls Granite Company, the demand for workers would lead to a blossoming population and an unofficial township known to locales as Ives – after the Iverson family who were the first family of pioneers to live in the area.

The town would be officially incorporated and named “East Sioux Falls” in August of 1890 and would swell to the size of 577 before beginning a steady decline after the Financial Panic of ’93.  

RF Pettigrew and his associates pursued the building of a local railway line to ferry residents to and from East Sioux Falls for work, pleasure, and outings.  the line would begin regular service on June 21, 1890 and would be wildly popular for 3 years with many SF residents taking day trips and picnics out east.