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January 30th, 1956 – On This Day In Sioux Falls History in the wee hours of the morning an icon burns bright in its destruction. On this day, nearly 70 ago the Queen Bee Mill burned down along the Big Sioux River. The little building you see right next to the falls (and in the Sioux Falls Fun Page Logo!!!) and a few ruins to the east of the river are all that remain of the once grand structure!

At first glance it didn’t appear that the fire had been too devastating, as the stone walls of the 5 story were left standing, however the entire insides of the building had completely burned up, leaving just the stone shell. In 1961 the walls would be torn down, to prevent them from collapsing. The building was donated to the city in ’63.

If going out in a blaze is your idea of a dramatic exit, you will love this story of how the mill came to be – check out the website this coming Wednesday for more!