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January 31st, 1946 – On This Day In Sioux Falls History, as things began to return to “normal” after WWII, the US Army packs up shop and cedes all of the land north of Madison st. back to the city of Sioux Falls. All of the buildings that had been constructed during wartime were sold for 5 percent of appraised value!
On Dec. 7, 1941 a surprise attack nearly 4,000 miles away would change the landscape of Sioux Falls forever! After the attack on Pearl Harbor the United States officially entered World War II. The need for well trained soldiers was immediate. In 1942 Sioux Falls leased leased its airport and surrounding property to the US Government to do its part in helping with the war effort! The base became a Radio Operators Training Facility and a logistical supply center.

Nearly half of all US Army Radio technicians in the war came through the training facilities right here in Sioux Falls! After the mission was accomplished, the land was returned to us on this day in history! Sioux Falls didn’t miss a beat, and the airport was opened again right away!