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January 9th, 1873 – On This Day In Sioux Falls History, Bishop William H Hare is consecrated as the Bishop of the Niobrara District of the Episcopal Church. This region occupied all of the land west of Minnesota and north of the Niobrara river (which run horizontally across northern Nebraska and joins the Missouri river about a few dozen miles west of Yankton). His diocese would eventually be restructured and renamed under the name Dakota.
Bishop Hare spent much time criss-crossing the area working mostly with Native American tribes across the territory. But he also made time to impact his church, community, and city right here in Sioux Falls in a major way. Hare was the driving for in the creation and continued operation of two massive projects in his time in Sioux Falls.
After first making Sioux Falls the headquarters for the new Dakota Episcopal Diocese Bishop Hare began fundraising, constructing, and overseeing All Saints School (originally for girls and then opened to all children – especially those of missionary parents). About a decade later with a large endowment from the wealthy Astor family in New York Hare would oversee the construction of Calvary Cathedral in downtown Sioux Falls.