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March 10th, 1956 – On This Day in Sioux Falls History, 18.1 inches of snow fell making it the most snow ever recorded in Sioux Falls on one day.  However, there is a slight distinction, this is the record for the most snow on a single day, not the most snow in 24 hours.  So if it snows all night into the next day only the amount of snow that falls before 11:59pm counts… I guess!

Last month on February 17th we reported that February 17-18th, 1962 saw 26 inches of snow fall in 24 hours (across 2 days).  However on the 17th – 18 inches fell almost eclipsing this record from 1956!  However you look at it, both days brought WAY TOO MUCH SNOW! Of course both records should come with a big asterisk* as they just report the most snow ever “RECORDED.”  Some of the stories from before the turn of the century and some of the pictures from the 1909 blizzard paint a picture of some pretty terrible storms; with trains being buried, buildings collapsing, and the first story of downtown buildings being blocked, I’d wager some of those storms topped 18.1 inches!