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March 11th, 1979 – On This Day in Sioux Falls History, Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers Restaurant reaches Sioux Falls!  The franchise birthed by the loveable Dave Thomas was brought to Sioux Falls by a group of businessmen under the name of South Dakota Quality Foods, Inc.  The group was spearheaded by Donald Feinstein, and they made a splash right away, opening their first 3 locations in the same year!

Their first store opened on this day on S. Minnesota Ave (this is the same location that closed just a couple of years ago after 40 years of business!), while they were rolling out the red carpet to the first store, construction crews were furiously at work at a second store on 41st and Louise (again the same store that fell victim to COVID-19 related hardships and staffing shortages just last year, closing after more than 40 years in business!).  The 41st St store would open on July 15, 1979 and a third store on East 10th st. would open on December 10th, 1979.

A fourth Wendy’s location would be added in 1994 near the fair grounds at the intersection of W. 12th St and South Lyon. The E. 10th St location was the first to close, however its closure made way for a local favorite Puerto Vallarta to open their first location in the old Wendy’s building in 1997! Just this year the 5th Sioux Falls Wendy’s opened up on S. Highline Pl. just off of E. Arrowhead Parkway.

With a brand new building and a fresh remodel at the last two remaining Wendy’s locations for the sake of frosty lovers everywhere, lets hope they are around for at least 40 more years!