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March 5th, 1959 – On This Day in Sioux Falls History, David Stewart, Co-Founder of Stewart’s School of Hairstyling, receives national attention for his award winning styles!  David’s brother Gordon broke into the salon business first in 1951, when he dropped out of the University of Sioux Falls (Sioux Falls College) at the time and bought a hair salon that was going out of business!  He traveled to schools around the region as well as enrolled in correspondence courses to learn the latest trends, and brought stylish and new arraignments to the Sioux Falls Public.

In 1955, Gordon’s brother David joined the business and help start a new store at the Park Ridge Shopping Center (brand new at the time on Western Ave, just east of the VA Hospital) Gordon’s third location!  David and his wife Fran had just graduated from the Virginia Farrell School of Cosmetology in Michigan, and together they made a beeline for Sioux Falls to pitch in and help out Gordon.

By the end of 1956 the two brothers and their wives had picked up managing a fourth salon location in Mitchell, SD.  They found that one of their biggest concerns was their ability to find well trained stylists to fill of the salon station sin their enterprise.  Thus was born the idea for Stewart’s School of Hairstyling, where stylists were trained in everything from styling and cutting hair, to manicures and facials, to salon management and personal fashion!  The best part was the tough eight week 1500 hour program offered immediate placement in one of the family’s salons upon graduation!

Over the years Gordon brought nationwide acclaim and notoriety to the salon and schools with his numerous awards, including the Midwest Beauty Trade Show award for his excellence in demonstrating the new hairstyle, “The Coiffure,” on this day in history!